And There Will Be BLOOD!

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Chapter 15

“Wow…where did you get that dress?” exclaimed Courtney, watching Kat hang the glittery, pink gown in her walk-in closet. “It came from Derek’s,” replied Kat smoothing the dress on the hanger. “Oh…yeah…that’s right…it was on the mannequin,” replied Courtney walking up to the dress and adding, “My…my…this was the most expensive dress in the store. I don’t want to sound rude…but…your father let you buy this dress?”

“Well…no,” Kat hesitated, walking out of the closet with Courtney on her heels. “Did you steal it?” piped in Lizzie. “No!” Kat glared at Lizzie.

“Well…I know your father didn’t give you the money,” interrupted Joanie, turning around in the desk chair. “It’s no one’s business about my dress,” replied Kat, sitting on a green, puffy cushion near a big screen television in the huge bedroom. “Then…you did steal it!” exclaimed Lizzie, sitting on a cushion next to Kat. “How did you do it? Did you stuff it in your gym bag?”

“Lizzie!” hissed Kat, looking at her friend in the eye. “I don’t believe in stealing.”

“Well…why want you just tell us how you got the dress?” asked Courtney, sitting on a cushion in front of both girls. “If you must know…Jack bought it for me,” answered Kat, staring at the floor while her face turned pale.

Slapping her knee, Lizzie shouted, “Where did Jack get the money? He must be doing something illegal. After all…I don’t think he works. In fact…no one knows where he lives. I bet he’s a drug dealer.”

Smack! Courtney hit Lizzie on top of the head with a pillow. “Get real…the only ones who could afford to buy from Jack in this town are Ashlie, Slim and me.”

“Okay,” said Lizzie, picking up a pillow and returning the blow. “How much does he charge?”

“That’s enough!” snapped Kat. “If I hear one more word about Jack being a drug dealer…I’m going to get really mad.”

“We’ll…stop,” said Courtney. Changing the subject, she asked, “Where’s your dress…Lizzie?”

Pointing to a black bag near the closet, she mumbled, “It’s…um…in there.”

“Well…don’t you want to hang it up?” asked Courtney, getting up and walking towards the bag. “Hey!” screamed Lizzie, jumping up. “That’s private property.” Courtney reached for the bag and managed to open it before Lizzie could stop her.

“Hmm,” says Courtney, pulling out the black dress. “Ooh…la…la,” she added. “Where did you get this?”

Lizzie snatched the dress from Courtney’s hands. “My mother bought it for me. I don’t know how she knew my size.”

“Hey…something else is in this bag…a pair of black shoes,” exclaimed Courtney, dropping the bag to examine them. “Shoes,” mumbled Kat. “I knew I forgot something.”

“Well…you’re not borrowing mine,” said Lizzie, grabbing her shoes. “Ouch!” said Courtney. “Touchy…aren’t we?”

Lizzie walked towards the closet. “I guess I’ll hang up my dress…now...Miss-I-Have-To-Know-About-Everything.”

Courtney glanced over at Kat, “I have a pair of shoes that would go nicely with your dress.”

“I should say so,” added Lizzie, from inside the closet. “You’ve got everything in here…spoiled brat.”

“Spoiled brat…huh…let’s see what else you have in your black bag,” said Courtney, picking up the bag and looking inside. “What’s a jar doing in here?” she asked while pulling it out. “It must be her piggy bank,” replied Joanie, getting out of the chair. “Aaggh!” screamed Courtney, nearly dropping the jar. Kat getting up from the pillow asked, “What is it?”

Lizzie laughed, “It’s a dead frog,” and then removed the jar from Courtney’s hands. “It belongs to Joanie!”

“You’re a freak!” screamed Courtney. “Well…it takes one to know one!” Lizzie yells back.

“I don’t collect dead animals…and…I don’t want that in my house. Take your sick joke outside, Joanie!” shouted Courtney pointing at the door. “Now…just a minute…you can’t blame Joanie,” said Lizzie.

“Me?” asked Joanie. “Yeah…you!” answered Lizzie. “I had nothing to do with that dead frog,” replied Joanie. “Yes…you did. Don’t you remember if I ever found anything strange by the creek, to let you know? Well…I decided to bring it to you,” said Lizzie, holding out the jar.

“Oh…my,” replied Joanie. “I’ve never seen a frog with six legs!”

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