And There Will Be BLOOD!

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Chapter 16

“It’s so dark out here,” exclaimed Joanie, holding onto Kat’s left arm. “Let me hold the flashlight…Lizzie.”

“No way…it’s my flashlight,” replied Lizzie, walking in front.

“Well…it’s a dumb idea being out here just to find out where you found that frog!” screeched Courtney, bringing up the rear. “Besides…if my dad finds out I’m out here…I’m toast.”

“Go…and run home to Daddy,” hissed Lizzie, not bothering to turn around. “Actually,” she added, “It might be better if you did go home. I heard that the frog man likes blonde cheerleaders.”

“What frogman?” asked Courtney, running to catch up with Kat and Joanie.

“Oh…you don’t know about the frog man?” teased Lizzie. “Well…they say he lives by the creek near the drainage ditch.”

“Drainage ditch,” echoed Courtney.

“Yeah…the sewer…what better place to hide. No one wants to go in there,” laughed Lizzie.

“Lizzie…you’re so mean…there is no such thing,” stated Kat, glaring at the back of Lizzie’s head.

“Yeah…so quit trying to scare us,” added Courtney, holding onto Kat’s right arm.

“Well…there was a story about a frog man several years ago in the newspaper,” said Joanie.

“See…I told you,” chirped Lizzie, spinning around and shining the flashlight on them.

“How is it possible there’s a man that looks like a frog?” asked Kat. “After all…I’ve never seen one.”

“Okay…I’ll tell you,” murmured Lizzie. “His mother would bite the heads off of frogs and eat them. So…when he was born…he looked like a frog…and acted like one…too. Now…he’s looking for a mate. A blonde princess…just like you…Courtney.”

“Ahh…really?” gasped Courtney.

“That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Is that what you read about Joanie?” asked Kat, glancing over at her cousin.

“No…of course not! I’ve heard about someone resembling a frog and hanging around the creek. Besides…it’s impossible for a human to be born a frog…duh!” exclaimed Joanie.

“That’s what you say…her husband could’ve been a freak…and that’s how frog baby was born,” added Lizzie, stopping when she reached the fence.

“Okay…Lizzie…chill. We don’t want to hear anything more about some frog man,” hissed Kat, glancing at Joanie and then at Courtney, “you can let go of me.”

“Oh,” mumbled Courtney, releasing her grip on Kat.

Quickly…Lizzie climbed up and over the fence. “Coming…or are you afraid?” she giggled. For a moment, everyone was quiet as if listening for the frogman.

Suddenly…there was a noise coming from the drainage ditch. The girls stood petrified trying to see in the dark. With her arm shaking, Lizzie shined the light in the direction of the drainage ditch. In the dim light, there was the shape of a man bending down in front of the drainpipe.

“Yikes…it’s true…and I was making it up!” screamed Lizzie, dropping the flashlight while she hurled herself back over the fence.

“Run….run!” yells Joanie. “The frog man’s going to jump over the fence.”

“And…get me!” screeched Courtney, running into Kat knocking her down.

“Well…I’m not going to wait and find out,” said Kat, following behind them.

Watching the four girls vanished in the distance, the so-called frogman stood behind the fence. “Frog man…what in the world have those girls been smoking?” whispered Jack.

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