And There Will Be BLOOD!

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Chapter 17

“Hey…the limo is here,” announced Courtney, wearing a blue, puffy strapless gown. The sequins on the gown seemed to dance in the dim light of the bedroom.

“Wow…you look like Princess Barbie,” replied Kat, glancing over the sparkling gown Courtney was wearing. “You don’t look bad yourself,” added Courtney, staring at the pink, chiffon gown Kat wore. “Except…aren’t you going to put on those rhinestone shoes I gave you…and…what about your hair?”

“Well…I’ll put on those shoes…since I don’t have anything else…but,” looking over at Joanie, “you’re not getting your hands on my hair and do what you did to Joanie.”

For a moment, both girls stopped talking and stared at Joanie. Courtney had used a straightener on Joanie’s frizzy mop and struggled to pull the hair up into a bun. “I think my hair looks great!” piped Joanie. At that moment, Lizzie steps out of the walk-in closet and everyone gasps.

“You look like my grandma,” says Lizzie, wearing a short, black slinky halter-style dress with black, fish-net stockings and five-inch, high heels. “And…you,” storms Joanie, “look like a street walker.”

“No…your mother does,” Lizzie hurls back, and then glancing in Courtney’s direction added, “I think I look great. What do you think Courtney?” Courtney, ignoring Lizzie, walks over to Kat and began playing with her hair. “Please…please…let me do your hair. I won’t straighten it…I promise. It’ll look great in a bun on top of your head.”

“Oh…okay,” mumbled Kat. “You did a great job with my make-up…and…actually you did a good job on Joanie.” Kat walked over to the cushion chair in front of the vanity. “Hey…what about me?” chirped Lizzie. “Both of you have someone to dance with. I’ve got to hook up with someone when I get there.”

“You won’t have a problem with that?” says Courtney, fixing Kat’s hair. “Oh…what are you talking about? You won’t be by yourself…you’ve got Joanie,” added Kat.

“I’m not going to dance with Joanie!” stomped Lizzie, walking over to the window to catch a glimpse of the limousine driver and pointed, “maybe him…he’s cute.”

“He’s not…he’s my uncle,” replied Joanie. “And…since when have you cared about boys. I thought you only cared about your skateboard.”

“You don’t know me very well,” murmured Lizzie, from the window. “Oh…I think we’re beginning to,” replied Courtney, finishing Kat’s hair. “What’s that supposed to mean?” stammered Lizzie, turning away from the window. “Nothing,” said Courtney. And then she added, “Anyway, the limo is waiting and we need to pick up Brian and Jack.”

Courtney, Kat and Joanie paused at the bedroom door when they heard Lizzie’s sarcastic remarks. “Tsk…tsk..tsk…shame on you. Imagine having to pick up your dates,” she chided, walking slowly behind them. “Oh…ignore her…let’s go,” said Kat, glaring at Lizzie as if daring her to say another word.

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