And There Will Be BLOOD!

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Chapter 18

“Wow!” said Kat, walking through the door of the gymnasium to see a crowded dance floor lit up by a spinning disco ball. “Yeah!” agreed Jack. “It sure looks different than when we have wrestling practice. Holding onto Kat’s hand, Jack leads her to the middle of the

dance floor. The song was upbeat and both of them manage to dance to the rhythm. “Hey…you’re pretty good,” replies Kat smiling. “You’re not so bad yourself,” answers Jack, with a twinkle in his eye.

Looking around, Kat hoped that Joanie and Lizzie would get asked to dance. Instead, she spied them over at the punch bowl getting a drink. Sighing…Kat looked for Courtney and saw her slow dancing with Brian to the upbeat song. Shaking her head, “Typical.”

“What’s typical,” interrupted Jack.

“Oh…nothing,” mumbled Kat.

When the D.J. began playing a slow tune, Kat mumbled she was thirsty. “Okay,” said Jack leading her towards the punch bowl. Believing that Joanie and Lizzie would be sitting nearby, Kat was surprised to nearly run into both of them as they made their way to the dance floor. “Oh…good,” replied Kat. “I was afraid no one would ask them to dance.”

“I wasn’t,” said Jack. Squeezing his hand, Kat asked, “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Oh…nothing…Kat…just making idle conversation,” grinned Jack, winking at her. Kat released his hand before they made it to the punch bowl, “Do you know those guys?”

“Maybe,” he replied, standing in front of the punch bowl. Before she could say another word, he handed her a cup of punch. At that moment, Ashlie appeared standing next to Jack and says, “I see you don’t have a date. So…why don’t you ask me to dance?”, sliding her hand up his arm.

Jack removed her hand. “Kat is my date…Ashlie.” Then, giving her a cold shoulder, Jack removes Kat’s cup and says, “Let’s go back to the dance floor.”

“Okay…I’m not that thirsty,” Kat replies, following behind Jack. “Whatever,” mumbles Ashlie, pouring herself a drink.

Once when they were in the middle of the dance floor, Jack placed his arms around Kat drawing her close to him. In her ear he whispered, “You look wonderful.”

’You…do…too…Jack,” she replied. Placing her cheek against his chest, she wondered why his

heart was beating so rapidly and did not want this moment to ever stop. “I have something to ask you?” he whispered. Dreamy-eyed, she looks up at him, thinking he was going to ask her to be his girlfriend. Jack mumbles, “So…what were you doing at the pond last night?” Jack giggled, when he heard her gasp.

“What?” responded Kat. “How did you know I was at the pond last night?”

“Because,” he replied, becoming quite serious, “I was there last night.”

“You were?” questioned Kat.

“Yeah,” he laughed. “I was the frog man.”

“Really,” laughed Kat. “So…why were you there?”

For a moment, he did not answer. When he pulled her closer to him, Jack whispered, “I have something very important to tell you…but…I can’t tell you here.”

“Okay,” she mumbled. “Let’s go outside. We can talk out there.” They left the dance floor and went outside. Standing up against a tree, Jack held Kat close to him. She closed her eyes expecting a kiss. Instead, he mumbled, “I work for the FBI.”

“Get out of town,” she giggles, pushing him away from her. “No,” he replies seriously. “I am here to investigate the dumping of toxic chemicals into the ground water. That’s why I was there last night.” Kat glared up at him. “So…why are you telling me this?”

“Because,” said Jack, reaching for her, “This might be the last time you’ll see me. I have to go back to headquarters.”

“I knew there was something different about you. I knew you weren’t some geek when you were asking all those questions. How did you know about the plant?”

“I heard about it from T.J.”

“T.J.!” screamed Kat.

“Shhh!” whispered Jack, silencing her. “Yes…T.J. is my cousin.”

“Wow! T.J. never mentioned he had a cousin who worked for the FBI.”

“That’s because,” he said, pulling her close to him, “he knows I work undercover.”

“Oh,” whispered Kat, looking up at him. “Don’t worry…your secret is safe with me.” Jack placed his arm around her waist. “Let’s go back inside and dance some more.” Kat removed his arm and began walking away from him. “So…I really won’t see you…again?” He caught up with her and placed his hands on her shoulders. He stared deeply into her eyes. “Do you want to see me…again?” Lifting her head, she stared up at him not knowing what to say. What she wanted to do was throw her arms around him and say, ‘Don’t leave me.’ Instead, she mumbled, “You make a great wrestling partner. What would I do without you?”

“A wrestling partner,” Jack muttered and then laughed to himself.

“Yeah,” replied Kat. “What’s wrong with that?”

“I thought I meant more to you than that?”

“Well…um,” whispered Kat, not knowing what to say.

“Never mind…let’s go back inside,” replied Jack, walking away from her. Teary-eyed, Kat follows behind him. Lurking in the shadows, was Slim grinning to himself. “Girl…you’ve missed your chance. Well…it doesn’t matter anyway.” He reached into his pocket and took out his cell phone and pressed some buttons.

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