And There Will Be BLOOD!

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Chapter 19

Pouting…Kat sat near the window gazing into the dark surroundings. “What are you looking at?” asked Lizzie, leaning over in her seat. “Nothing…absolutely nothing,” mumbles Kat.

“Why are you looking at nothing?” asked Lizzie, not expecting Joanie to jab her in the side with a pointy elbow. “Hey…what did you do that for?” Lizzie shot back at Joanie. “Honestly…Lizzie…why do you have to know about everything? Can’t you tell she just wants to be left alone?” whispered Joanie, glancing over at Kat. Then, turning her head, she gave Jack the evil eye. When he ignored her, Joanie gave her full attention to Kat. “Do you feel…okay?”

Before Kat could answer, Lizzie spouted, “I thought you said to leave her alone!” A quarrel was about to start between Lizzie and Joanie, if it hadn’t been for Courtney’s interruption. “Jack…what did you do to Kat to cause her to be so upset?” She continued to snuggle close to Brian, waiting for Jack’s reply.

“I did something?” he snarled back. “Whatever?” mumbled Courtney, rolling her eyes. “Don’t mind him,” replied Brian, whispering something in her ear. Courtney smiles, snuggling closer to Brian.

At first, everyone thought the limousine had run over something on the road causing it to jerk. “Wow! Where did those bright lights come from?” asked Lizzie, pushing on the button to lower the window, so she could stick her head out.”

“What’s wrong with you?” asked Kat, pulling her friend back in. Both of them tumbled onto the floor from the second impact. “Oh…my…goodness…what’s happening?” stammers Joanie, landing on top of them. The limousine veered off the road into a ditch. Everyone was on top of each other lying against the door’s frame.

“Whatever you do,” said Jack. “Don’t open the door.”

“That’s right!” squeaked Lizzie. “Cause…I’ll be first one going out.”

Jack crawls to the other door. He pushes on the button to open the window, getting out. In the distance, Jack sees the rear lights of a large truck. With a sly smirk, Jack took out his cell phone.

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