And There Will Be BLOOD!

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Chapter 20

Kat could barely keep her eyes open while the minister began his sermon. Sitting next to her was Lizzie, who had already dozed off. When Lizzie began to snore, Joanie sitting on the opposite side of Kat mumbled, “Wake her up…Kat! Everyone’s going to hear her. She sounds like a pig!”

“Oh…alright,” moaned Kat, trying to keep her eyes open. She nudged Lizzie on the shoulder. “Wake up…wake up.”

“Huh?” replies Lizzie, opening her eyes. “Where am I?” she asked. “You’re at church?” yawned Kat. “Since when?” answered Lizzie, nearly getting out of her seat. “Calm down!” replied Kat, fully awake. “We spent the night at Courtney’s.”

“Courtney…who?” asked Lizzie, trying to get up while Kat held her down again. “We were better off with her sleeping,” sneered Joanie. “Sounds…good to me,” added Lizzie, nodding off. “By the way,” said Joanie looking around, “where’s Courtney? She went to the restroom twenty minutes ago.”

“Maybe…we should go look for her,” said Kat, standing up. Joanie grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back down. “Will you sit?” she whispered and then added, “We’ll have to look for her after church. She probably fell asleep sitting on the toilet or something. After all, none of us got any sleep last night with her talking to Brian.”

“Well…I don’t really care,” replied Kat. “I just want to go home and go to bed and forget everything that happened last night.”

“Ohhh…what happened between you and Jack?” quizzed Joanie.

“Nothing…that you need to know,” stammered Kat. As if by magic, Jack walks in. He’s followed by several men wearing dark suits, while the minister at the pulpit turned a ghastly white and stopped his sermon in mid-sentence. One could have heard a pin drop, since the congregation was as quiet as a mouse. “I guess it’s show time,” muttered Kat, beginning to rise from her seat just like a cat. “What are you doing?” mumbled Joanie, “sit back down.”

Just before Jack made the announcement that Mr. Miller was under arrest, Kat saw him stand up, reaching inside his coat pocket. ‘Jack,’ thought Kat, leaping out of her seat. She rushes over to Mr. Miller, side-swipes him from behind. He fell, while Kat pinned him. “Get off me! NOW!” he hissed, “Or, there will be blood to pay. My kids will make sure of it!”

Kat noticed Ashlie running for the door along with Mrs. Miller and most of the congregation. Slim, on the other hand, had managed to creep up behind Kat, ready to strike a blow. “Not so fast,” said Joanie, standing behind him, poking him in the back. “It’s loaded.”

Jack and the three men walk over to Kat and Joanie. “Give it to me,” said Jack, thinking Joanie had a gun. “Sure,” grinned Joanie, handing him her pen. Grinning, he said, “Quick thinking!” And then, speaking to Kat, who still had Mr. Miller pinned, “Let him up! We’ll take it from here.” Before Jack could stop her, Kat walks over to where Slim is standing, already handcuffed and whispers for his ears only. Moving away from him, she pretends to elbow him. Slim jerks back causing his nose to bleed. “She just hit me. I can feel the blood! Arrest her!” says Slim. “Really?” says Jack. “I don’t think so.”

After the FBI leaves the church with Mr. Miller and Slim, it didn’t take long for the congregation to do the same, except for Jack and Kat. Jack had asked Kat to stay behind, so they could talk.

“What did you say to Slim?”

“That he was lucky I didn’t believe in getting bloody inside God’s house.”

“But it happened anyway,” laughed Jack.

“Yes! But I didn’t inflict it!”

“Why not? If it had been me, I probably would have!” murmured Jack.

“Don’t say that!” hissed Kat. “For, according to Romans 12:17, ‘repay no one evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all.’”

“Well, I could use some help with that!” smiled Jack.

“Hmmm,” grinned Kat.

“Say, what are you doing after graduation?” asks Jack.

“Looking for a partner,” whispered Kat.

“I might know someone,” says Jack, placing his arms around her.

“Convince me,” murmurs Kat, staring into the warmth of Jack’s eyes.

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