And There Will Be BLOOD!

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Chapter 5

Jack slammed on the brakes. The car skidded to a halt. “That’s the second person you nearly ran over today!” Do you even have a license?” asked Kat

Jack did not respond as he got out in the rain. He stared at a girl with short, brown hair holding the skateboard.

“Are you drunk?” asked the girl.

“Are you?” asked Jack. “You’d have to be skateboarding in the rain.”

“For your information,” sneered the girl, “it’s called extreme skateboarding.”

“Whatever! You’re just a little kid,” replied Jack, running back towards the car.

“Hey, are you okay, Lizzie?” asked Kat, rolling down the car window and yelling through the crack.

“Say, is that you, Kat?” replied Lizzie, walking towards her in the falling rain.

“Yeah, you want a lift?” asked Kat.

“Naw! It’s safer out here!” exclaimed Lizzie, as she backed away from the car and jumped back on her skateboard. Kat rolled up the window as Jack shifted the gearstick into drive and stepped on the accelerator.

“I see you know that brat,” said Jack.

“Yeah, she’s a friend of mine and she’s not a little brat. She’s probably older than you are.”

“What makes you think she’s older than me?” he asked, glaring in her direction. “I haven’t told you how old I am.”

“No need to,” she giggled. “Didn’t you just graduate from kindergarten? After all, you drive like a five-year-old.”

Jack pulled the car over. He popped the gearshift into neutral. “Okay, Kat, you drive.” Kat stared at him with her mouth open. “Huh?”

Jack laughed. Then he shifted the gearshift back into drive and continued down the road.

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