And There Will Be BLOOD!

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Chapter 9

Reverend Thomas was at the pulpit finishing his long sermon. “Don’t forget brothers and sisters you must love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

“What in the world is that supposed to mean?” asks Lizzie, sitting between Kat and Joanie. “Ask Reverend Thomas later,” says Kat. “Sh-h-h!” chirps Joanie, leaning over to Lizzie.

“Don’t shush me!” replied Lizzie, pushing Joanie away. Joanie pushes back knocking Lizzie against Kat. “Hey!” says Kat. “Do you want me to take both of you out?”

“Ladies,” interrupted a familiar voice. ‘Oh, no, not him again!’ thought Kat, turning around in the pew and staring into Jack’s blue eyes. “We’re in the house of the Lord, so show some respect,” he giggled.

Kat bit on her lower lip to keep herself from saying another word. Then, she spins around in her seat and stares straight ahead. Lizzie and Joanie stared at Kat’s red face and decided to remain quiet, until it was time to go.

After the service, Kat saw Jack outside talking to Reverend Thomas. She walked towards them and hears Jack ask the reverend, “Have you baptized anyone in the lake recently?”

“Strange you should ask that, son!” replied the reverend, placing his hand on Jack’s shoulder. “Are you thinking about getting baptized?”

“No, sir! I’m already baptized. I enjoy seeing others getting baptized outdoors rather than in a tank.”

“Well, the answer to your question is that we can’t baptize anyone in the nearby lake. The last time we did it the person came down with a severe rash. So, now, we perform a baptismal in a tub around the back of the church.”

“Do you fill the tub with well water?” asked Jack, stepping back when Reverend Thomas removed his hand. At that moment, Mr. Miller walks up when Kat decided to join them. “Heard you’ve have been asking a lot of questions. If you want to know about the water, ask me.” Mr. Miller glares at Jack, while Reverend Thomas made a feeble excuse about needing to speak with some of the other members of his congregation. Kat stood behind Jack wondering what he was going to say. When she heard his response, she covered her mouth to keep from laughing.

“Okay, so tell me why your water sucks around here,” asked Jack, staring at Mr. Miller. “Let me tell you something, boy,” he storms, jamming an index finger into Jack’s shoulder. “I wouldn’t touch me if I were you!” gritted Jack, grabbing Mr. Miller’s finger and then yanking it back before letting it go.

Suddenly, two men dressed in black stood behind Mr. Miller. Realizing he had his bodyguards, he added, “If I were you, I’d watch my back. After all, blood can spill just like water.” Quick as lightning, Kat moves to stand next to Jack keeping an eye on the two bodyguards. “Are you threatening me?” asks Jack. “It sure sounds like it!” pipes in Kat. Before Mr. Miller could respond, he’s interrupted by Mr. Smith. “What’s going on over here?” he asked, placing an arm around Kat.

“Keep an eye on your daughter, Mr. Smith. She’s poking her nose in, like this young man,” pointing a finger in Jack’s direction, “where it doesn’t belong. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to your daughter, like being taken off the wrestling team. After all, sometimes things just happen,” muttered Mr. Miller, as he walked away with his two bodyguards. “Well,” shouted Mr. Smith, loud enough for Mr. Miller to hear it, “if Kat is taken off the team, for no good reason, I’ll sue,” then pulling Kat by the arm, “I don’t what this is about, but when we get home, you’re going to tell me all about it,” said Mr. Smith. “There’s nothing to tell you, except that Slim is a doofus, like his dad,” mumbled Kat.

Jack calls out, “See you at school on Monday.” Then pulls out his cell phone walking towards his car.

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