Mansion Twin's Unleashed (#3 Mansion Series)

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Book 3 of the Mansion Series. Read Nightmare Mansion Massacre (book 1), then Mansion Holiday Surprise (book 2) first. Warning: Sex, Some violence/gore, some BDSM, 18+ Pregnancy can be hard on the body. But being a parent can be harder. With twins, no one could have expected the joy and terror of that. They take it in stride as they are sleep deprived. They manage to have there business thrive. Other newly Wed's and expectant parent's ask questions about how they do it all. Easy? Not in the slightest. What they didn't expect was how brilliant there children would turn out. Even at a young age they knew they were special and had an eye for trouble. Can it be curved to be useful? Or will they get in danger?

Thriller / Erotica
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Chapter 1. Remembrance Day


We didn’t put up a lot for this day. Have homemade poppies hanging around to remember all those who lost their lives during the wars. It’s also to give our thanks to those who currently serve. Not everyone feels that way, but that’s how I feel. Mal feels similarly as me. I’m proud to wear the poppy on a day that so many have lost their lives for our freedom. Those who currently serve are also protecting our country. I could never go over seas and fight. I’d be too scared.

Though what I remember some of my ancestors fought in the wars. The odd story when my father got drunk, he stated he was in the army and got discharged for an injury. But with him I don’t believe it because he is a perpetual liar. I didn’t say anything and just nodded. I was also young when he’d tell those stories. This was before I was able to get out of that house.

The place isn’t full at the moment but there’s still enough people that its comfortable. Some of the children that are here are colouring their own poppies to put up around the café. When they finished drawing, they got tap and tapped it to the wall by the cafe door. It’s cute. I sip my water and get up. It’s almost time for the moment of silence.

Not everyone’s here but that’s alright everyone’s doing there own thing. I look at my watch again and Malakai stands beside me by the café door. Malakai clears his throat and everyone looks up from there early lunch or late breakfast meal.

“It’s time for a moment of silence, to give our thanks or appreciation to all those who lost their lives on this day.” Malakai addresses everyone. They nod and bow there heads slightly. Mal and I bow our heads as well for the moment of silence. After this everyone can go back to what they want to do.

“Thank you all for giving the moment of silence. Enjoy the rest of your day.” I say looking up. People smile and continue to eat. I head to the front desk and sort out the paperwork on it. Someone is being checked in. I like when there’s people here. It grows our business and it shows that people like to come here and enjoy themselves.

Mal heads towards to front door.

“Sweetie wait a second please.” I say as I walk up to him before he leaves.

“What’s up baby?” He asks turning around to face me. I take his hand and move from right in front of the door so people can come and go for there own fun.

“Did you talk to Ivan yet about the one meal we had on vacation? We both liked it I was just wondering. If you hadn’t, I could go ask him myself.” I ask him curiously. He looks down to me with an eyebrow raised. His beautiful green eyes sparkle.

“No, I haven’t I sadly forgot. I mean since we’ve been back it took a while for us to get the jet leg off and literally started to put things up for today. Even if it isn’t a lot, we just had our minds on other things.” He tells me, with a slight shrug.

“True. I will ask him. Where you off too?” I ask curious about what he’s up to.

“Was just going to work on some of the trails. I’ve sort of missed being in our woods. With being away for a week I’m sure there’s debris and maybe stuff on the trails. I don’t want anyone hurting themselves.” He says giving me a look as if I’m crazy to ask why he’s going outside.

“Well colour me curious Mal. I don’t want you getting yourself hurt either. If you need help just ask ok. I may be 21 weeks pregnant but I will help if needed.” I tell him with a smile. He rolls his eyes and sighs.

“Yeah, yeah dear. I’d ask one of the staff to help if it’s a tree fallen over, but anything else sure I’ll get your help.” He says a bit sarcastic and full of humour.

“Well thanks for humouring me anyways dear. I am not that big yet I can still be useful.” I say patting his shoulder in a mock slap. I know he’s worried that I will get hurt but he doesn’t need to treat me like I’m fragile.

“Oh, anytime dear. I’m sure the trails are fine I just want to make sure. Be safe here I’m sure you’ll have more hazards here then outside. Be safe.” He says kissing my forehead.

“Of course, I will goodness. Just come back in one-piece love.” I say as he waves and heads into the forest. I doubt he’ll get to all the trails today. It’s fine though I know how much he enjoys walking them and making sure they are clear.

I make my way into the café. There are less people in here now. I’m glad people enjoy the food here and enjoy our property. It really is nice to be back home. I found a spot for the vase in our room. Malakai even got me some lilies to put into it. I love it so much. I get to the kitchen door and enter. There’s not a lot of staff in here now since everyone’s already ordered. Some are doing dishes and I can see a few doing prep for dinner.

Ivan’s standing off to the side taking a drink break. I’m glad to see him drinking water. He smiles when he sees me and brings me into a big hug. I giggle and hug him back.

“I’ve missed seeing your face in here little lady.” He tells me as he puts me back down.

“I missed you too Ivan. I’m glad that everything went well while we were away. I have a question for you.” I ask with a big smile. He smiles back.

“Yes, we kept a good eye while you both were away. What can I do for you?” He asks after taking another sip of water.

“Well there was something we had when we were away that we enjoyed and thought maybe we could have it served here as well. Barbeque chicken salad.” I say to him with an endearing smile.

“Sounds good. I’m guessing is Barbeque sauce cooked with the chicken that’s then cut into strips or pieces on lettuce with a few other ingredients, right?” He asks me knowing what I’m talking about.

“Yes, that is right. Plus, if we leave it open to a few things people may want with it then it can be varied slightly. Do you think it’s possible to do Ivan?” I ask him curiously.

“Yes, it can be done Hailey. I’m glad to have you back. Who else will come in here like this?” He says with a chuckle.

“I’m sure others do, but you don’t like them as much as me.” I giggle and hug him.

“Hmm I don’t know about that.” He says with a grin.

“Thank you, Ivan.” I say as I let him be now. I’m sure the next time the grocery run is done they’ll make sure that the option for this will be on the menu. I’m glad he’s open minded about adding or changing the menu slightly every now and then. Usually its only for holidays that they get changed up, but I’m glad he’s making an exception.

I head back into the front. The front desk is being manned, so I head out front. I lean against the railing, listening to the birds singing and the squirrels enjoying the day. Have 11 day’s until Thanksgiving. Need to start getting ready for that as well and need to start prepping the baby’s room. If we don’t start now, I won’t be able to do too much work on it myself.

The babies grow every single day and I love that they are growing. I can’t wait to meet them. They’re going to be so cute. I run a hand along my stomach. They’re going to be a handful I already know it. Especially with how much they kick even now. They will be all over the place soon enough. I sit in the swing and watch our corner of the world go by for hours. Enjoying the slight breeze and the animals having their fun.

I continue to run my hand along our babies unconsciously as I see Mal walking up the stairs. He’s got a little bit of sweat going down his forehead as he smiles to me.

“Have a good walk on the trails love?” I ask curiously.

“Yeah got to walk through a bunch of the trails. Thankfully it wasn’t that bad just the odd stick. You enjoy your time sitting out here?” He asks as he sits beside me and lightly swings it.

“Yes, its been decent. I talked to Ivan and he’s going to make that meal we enjoyed while away. Who knows maybe if you ask, he might make more seafood as well love?” I say with a smile.

“He might but let’s leave it with one new meal for now.” He chuckles. I nod and we enjoy some time out here together.

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