Bloody Hell

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Books and Brownies

It's been days after that incident. They would always start a conversation with me but I gave them a cold shoulder. I'd either end the conversation or walk out. I didn't want any company. I refuse to be one of them. Sometimes I'll feel guilty whenever I'd see Daisy's sad smile. She was trying to comfort me but I didn't want it. I didn't want anything to do with them.

As the autumn wind blew my hair. I felt relief, just by seeing the beautiful fields of flowers. It was their last day here. One of the gardeners told me that it was harvest time. Winter is coming and they needed to plant Poinsettia for the coming holidays.

I'll miss this breathtaking scenery.

The holidays are coming and I don't have a family to celebrate it with. I'm all alone in this fucked up place. I miss my grandparents...

I inhaled the fragrant smell of the flowers. It helped relax my nerves.

They were getting ready to start the harvest. Ten trucks with a logo 'Flower Bee' were parked near the barn. I watched as each of the flowers were picked. They took extra caution with roses due to its torns and with red fire lilies due to its poison. I stood behind the railings of the veranda feeling. The wind blew my hair away. If only I had a chance to paint this beautiful landscape...

I was so deep in thought that I didn't notice someone was standing beside me. Daisy was standing beside me with her warm smile. She was wearing a floral loose dress. Their three day stay here became weeks. She touched my hand and I jerked, she didn't let go of it though. She rested my hand on her baby bump. It wasn't that big yet but it was visible.

I looked up at her and she was still smiling. I rubbed my hand on her baby bump. It felt warm. It gave me a fuzzy feeling. To think that a life was being formed inside her was so fascinating. I never really liked kids. That's why I never saw myself as a mother. I'd probably be a horrible mom...

We stood there for a few minutes. Daisy touched my face with her thumb. I didn't know that tears were streaming down my face. She pulled me in a hug. I broke drown. I sobbed on her shoulders. She rubbed my back comfortingly. I'm a crying mess in her arms. I hated how I showed my vulnerability to a person I bearly know.

When I finally calmed down. We sat on the swinging bench at the veranda. I looked away from her. My eyes were puffy and red from crying.

"I-I... I'm sorry... About what I said... In the woods... About... About your... Baby..." she took my hand. I looked up at her, she smiled, assuring me that it was okay.

"It's alright... You were blinded by rage that time... I understand what you felt... You were always like that when we used to go to tea parties" she chuckled. I gave her a small smile. I wasn't the person she thought I was.

We decided to go inside. I wanted to go to the library. I only found out a few days ago that there was a library here. I spent all my time being familiar to this place.

"I'll be going to the kitchen to bake some brownies... Would you like to come?" I shook my head, I quickly saw the sadness in her eyes.

"I'll be heading to the library... Why don't you go there when you're done?" the sadness in her eyes were replaced by excitement. She quickly nodded. We walked down the hall and parted was when I was in front of the double doors of the library.

I went inside and scanned every bit of it. The smell of books quickly filled my nostrils. The library had three floors every wall was full of bookshelves. The stairs were built on the side of the walls. The floors were covered in red velvet carpet. There's some tables and chairs on the middle of the library. I looked up the ceiling and immediately gasped. The design was a meteor shower. It was like looking at a real meteor shower. Rigor gave me a list of every section of the shelves. I quickly went to the paranormal and cult section. It was at the second floor.

My eyes saw the book that I was anticipating to read. The book looked old. It was dusty as well. The pages were already brown. The black hard cover had a few stains. The spine had stitches on them, they probably trued fixing it. This book is about the origin of this house and their master. Let's call it the 'black book'.

I went down stairs and went to the tables. I pulled a chair and sat down. I blew the remaining dust on the book. I dropped it on the table and a few papers fell down. I picked them up one by one. Until I saw a picture. Judging by the quality, it was really old. It was color brown too.

It was a picture of a man and woman. The man looked like Sandro while the woman looked like... Me! It looked like me! I tried rubbing my eyes. Closing them a few times just to make sure. I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but it really was me. It looked like me!

We were standing on the picture. Sandro was wearing a tuxedo. His hair was in a low man bun. While I was wearing a long sleeve puffy lace dress. My hair was braided to a bun. Sandro's hand was on my waist, while the other was holding my hand.

We were smiling on the picture. We looked... Happy. But it was impossible. I couldn't be that girl. I might be her reincarnation but I'm not her anymore. We're different.

I heard the door creak. I quickly hid the picture and the other paper that fell and closed the book. The door opened, I saw a servant come in pushing a trolley, behind her was Daisy holding her baby bump. I quickly took the other books I picked out and stacked them to hide the black book. The brownies smelled wonderful. It was a mix of chocolate and fruits.

"The brownies are here!" Daisy said cheerfully. She was smiling at me. Her eyes quickly saw the books on the table. "What are you reading?" she asked curious, eyeing the books.

"You know... Books related to art and some shakespeare..."

"Oh! You always loved Shakespeare's works... I remember back then you would sneak in your father's library and read some of his proses." It was true that I loved Shakespeare's works but I don't remember sneaking in my father's library... They already died before I could learn to read. I felt a sudden ache in my chest.

The servant left the trolley near the table. Daisy sat down on one of the chairs.

"Come on! Let's eat!" I laughed at her enthusiasm. I took a brownie with chocolate chips. I moaned. It tasted so good. The chocolate was melting inside my mouth. It had a tinge of cherries too. It was so mouth watering even when I was already chewing it.

I heard Daisy's chuckle. I saw her smiling at me. Looking at her happy face made me feel guilty at what I did to her last time. I felt guilty treating her like that.

"Daisy... I have a question..."

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