Bloody Hell

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The Story Behind Him

As soon as Daisy went to her room I went straight to his room. I needed answers. I need to know why the fvk I'm in that picture! I need to know who she is! The year on the picture was written on the back, it was took in the 1800s.

I reached his room, but no one was inside. I put the books on the table near the wide window. Since he wasn't in here, I decided to read a few of the black book. I opened it and started reading.

A few minutes of reading and I couldn't stomach what I was reading, but I continued. The book has a POV of a witch. I didn't even know that they were real.

Four beautiful creatures magically appeared in our small town. At first I didn't know what they were... Until I saw them drink the blood of the people. You wouldn't think of them as monsters, their appearances were appealing to anyone.

I started investigating them. Following them and sometimes eavesdropping.

One night, I saw the young lady with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was talking to a man. A human. The way she looked at him told me that she was attracted to him. I knew it was wrong. It was infidelity. She was bounded to the man with violet eyes.

The woman decided to leave her current lover for that human. Just when she was about to meet him, an angry mob was there. They took her and tied her up. They said that she was a demon and she had to be burned. The man she chose was the one who told the angry mob her secret. He didn't want that to happen, but the town's people threatened him with his parents.

Her body was burning but she wasn't screaming like other people. Instead, I saw her tears. I saw a familiar figure slowly walking to the mob. He looked intimidating. His aura was more evil than anything I saw. He looked up at his beloved. I saw the woman mouth 'I'm sorry'. He was too late. The woman lost consciousness and was burned to dust.

The towns people was about to celebrate when fire broke loose. The man with violet eyes was the one making the fire. He had powers no witch has. He can produce fire with only his hands. I never seen anything so terrifying. The town's people got burned with the woman. The whole town was burned to dust.

After the man lashed out, he fell on his knees. I heard him sob. He was grieving after all. The love of his life was gone. I walked to him, he looked up at me. I smiled at him and helped him up.

"Don't be sad... I'll give you both a second chance..." I waved my hand. "In five hundred years... Your beloved would reincarnate in another body... She still looks the same and has the same name... But her personality would be different... Make her fall in love and she'll be yours forever..." my hand touched his chest, feeling the beating of his heart. I sealed the prophecy.

I smiled at him and walked away.

My breathing became ragged. Tears were streaming down my face endlessly. I felt my heart ache. For some reason, I couldn't stop sobbing. It was as if I felt what he felt when he saw the love of his life die.

So this is why he kept saying that I couldn't leave... Cause the last time he let someone leave this happened. I scanned the pages but there wasn't anything after that. It was full of their pictures. The first picture showed Heather and Daisy.

Mr. Heather Litmus and Mrs. Daisy Allan-Litmus

The other picture showed a picture of me and Sandro.

Mr. Alessandro Maxime and Mrs. Sylvia Roseville-Maxime

It was all too much to take. I needed to clear my mind. My tears were already dry. My eyes were puffy with all the crying I did. I took deep breaths. My mind was going haywire.

I didn't know how long I was brushing my hair. I just looked in the mirror and brushed it. It was already too long. It reached just above my butt. I heard the door creak, footsteps were followed.

"You're here... Let's go have dinner..." I looked up at the man who was the only thing I could think of. He was topless. I could see his chiseled chest and his flexing biceps whenever his arms move. Without much thought, I stood up and walked to him, my arms encircled his neck.

I was so drawn to him.

I can feel his hard chest crushing my boobs. I felt his arms grip my waist. He buried his face on the crook of my neck. He inhaled my scent and planted kisses on my bare shoulder.

I pulled out from the hug. He was still griping my waist. His eyes were full of love and lust. I can feel something poking on my abdomen. I bit my lip when I realized what it was. He pulled me closer to him. I felt his cock twitch. I smiled mischievously. His face went down to claim my lips. I quickly gave him access.

His lips tasted so sweet. This was better than Daisy's brownies. I chuckled at the thought. He looked at me curiously. I gave him a smile. A smile that was genuine unlike the others I showed him.

I wanted him as much as he wants me. I didn't care if I was the reincarnation of someone. I was her in the past, now I'm someone different. We might have the same name, same looks or same hobby but I would never cheat on this guy. I never met a man I wanted this much.

I tiptoe and reached for his lips. I saw how his eyes widened. He stiffened at first, then savagely kissed me. This felt fine... More than fine actually... It felt perfect...

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