Bloody Hell

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Just A Taste

I pushed him away from me when I heard someone knocking. Both of us were flushed. It took Sandro a minute to answer the door. He slightly opened the right door of the double doors of his room.

"Who is it?" Sandro sounded a bit grumpy.

"Master... Dinner will be served in half an hour..." I heard Rigor's voice. I walked to the bathroom since the two had some things to discuss. I needed a hot bath to relax my nerves. I didn't know what came into me! Why did I kiss him! It wasn't just a kiss! We made out!

I sunk in the bath tub feeling embarrassed at what I did. The hell! What will I do! How will I face him? I groaned.

After fifteen minutes of cleaning myself, I went out of the bathroom. A towel was wrapped on my body. I went to his walk in closet and looked for something decent to wear.

It took me a few minutes to dress up. I decided to wear a sleeveless black silk cropped top with black silk booty shorts. I took the black silk robe, wore the fuzzy slippers and went down stairs.

They were all seated on the table. Sandro sat on his usual seat. The seat of the host. To his right is Heather and then Daisy. My seat is to his left. The couple smiled at me as soon as she noticed me in the room. I smiled back. My attention was averted to the man next to me. He took my hand and kissed it.

"I'm glad you're sitting next to me again." his eyes looked hopeful. I bit my lip and looked away. I didn't want to get attached to anyone here. I smiled at him.

Dinner was served. Different dishes on the table. Pasta, garlic bread, roasted chicken, mushroom soup, lengua and so on. My mouth watered. I never felt so hungry before. I noticed that the food prepared today was a bit too much unlike our usual dinners.

A servant poured white wine in our glass. I dived in on my carbonara and garlic bread. I moaned. It tasted so good! I ate some mashed potatoes and some mushroom soup too. Everything tasred so good!

When I finished my food, I felt so satisfied. That was some dinner! My usual dinners were korean ramens and take outs. Sometimes I'll be lucky to eat dinner. I'm always too busy at work, when I go home at nine, I'm tired as hell and would sleep without eating anything. That was my life in the city. Always keeping myself busy to avoid being lonely.

Daisy and Heather went to their room to rest. Me and Sandro are on our way to his room. I couldn't walk beside him. He's too fast. His long legs have large steps unlike my regular sized ones. I took this chance to scan his back. His hair was combed back. He had broad shoulders. His biceps were flexing everytime he moves. I eyes went down. His glorious butt were looking plump. Just thinking of pinching it while we have sex. His muscular legs proves that he can carry me while my back slammed to a wall and he's banging me senseless. I felt my face heat up.

What am I thinking!

I looked away from him when he stopped walking. We were in front of the doors of his room. He opened one for me and I went in, he followed and I heard him click the lock. My eyes widened. I felt a shiver ran across my spine. My knees felt weak.

He went to the bathroom and I exhaled. I didn't know I was holding my breath. I felt my body relax. I went to the vanity mirror, I pulled the fluffy blue chair and sat on it. I picked up the white brush and started brushing my golden locks. My straight hair became wavy because of the cold weather.

It wasn't long when Sandro went out of the bathroom. I was looking at him using the mirror. He looked like a snack. Water dripping from his hair and body. My eyes scanned his chiseled chest. I felt my cheeks heat up, I bit my lower lip and looked away. He went inside the walk in closet and went out wearing a pair of boxers. I removed my robe, I hang it on the coat rack next to the vanity mirror.

I lay on the bed, the silk felt so soft on my skin. I faced the other way. The other side of the bed sank, he lay next to me. I felt his arms encircle on my waist. His nose nuzzling my neck and hair.

"You smell so good, darling..." I bit my lip. I couldn't move. My nipples were becoming taut because of his touch. I don't know why my body is reacting this way. I didn't feel anything towards him when I first arrived here.

I stiffened. I felt him giving light kisses on my neck, down to my shoulder. The butterflies inside me were fluttering. I tried wriggling but he only tightened his embrace. I can feel his hot breath on my neck. I shivered.

"Stop moving, darling..." he whispered. I felt something poking on my lower back. I stiffened. The hell!?

I kept nuzzling on my neck. He licked my shoulder up to my neck. He moaned. I couldn't move. I was frozen on my spot. I didn't know what to react cause this is my first time having physical contact to a man.

"Just a taste..." he whispered. I felt a pang of pain on the skin between my shoulder and neck. The pain didn't last long, it slowly became pleasure. I moaned. It made me feel sparks all over my body. I felt my blood drip on my neck while his sharp teeth were deep in my flesh.

He licked the excess blood off and kissed the one he bit. I felt so limp by his touch.

"You taste so sweet, darling... I want more, but you already lost so much blood." his hot breath fanned my ears. I felt my face heat up. He's making me feel things I didn't feel before. It was all so new to me. I hate myself why I didn't like any man in my life. Maybe cause they're all idiots? Don't know how to appreciate art? Yeah, I agree, they're all idiots.

But what's the difference between him and all those guys? Why do I suddenly have a soft side towards this man?

He hugged me tighter. I didn't know why, but I always felt so safe in his arms. It always felt like I belong there. It made my heart swell with need. But I always push my feelings away. I can't be attached to him or anyone in here. I can't...

I soon felt myself dozing off. He kissed my cheek one last time and said,

"Sweet dreams, ma chérie"

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