Bloody Hell

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Home

The field looked beautiful at the sight of poinsettias. The red flower reminded me that the holidays were coming. The weather was colder compared yesterday. It's beneficial for the flowers cause they only grow in the cold.

The view in Sandro's balcony was amazing!

Everyone was so busy today. Sandro wanted a feast since it was Thanksgiving Day. I smiled bitterly. I usually spend thanksgiving alone. I tried spending it with Zyra's family two years ago, but it only made me feel alone.

I guess being alone comforted me. I wasn't lonely. I never felt lonely whenever I'm alone. I actually enjoy my own time and company.

My thoughts were interrupted by the knock on the door. Without opening the door, I heard Rigor say,

"Madam, the Master wants you to go down to the dinning hall." after he said that, I heard his footsteps as he walked away.

I was admiring my look in the mirror. I was wearing a sleeveless red velvet dress that ends mid thigh together with some red velvet stilletos. The fabric hugged my curvy body. I pick up the fur coat that Sandro gave me and walked out of the room. It felt cold even though I'm wearing this fur coat.

As soon as I enter the dining hall, the mouth watering aroma of roasted turkey filled my nostrils. I scanned the table and saw so many dishes prepared. Daisy and Heather were already seated. While Sandro walked to where I was. He offered his arm to me and I quickly encircled my arm to it. He pulled my chair for me, I sat down.

"Today, we are having our first thanksgiving with the love of my life. I am ecstatic that I would finally spend every holiday with the one I love. I wish everyone of us to have a prosperous life." after that Sandro's speech, everyone in the room clapped, the maids, Rigor and the couple in front of me. I clapped and smiled awkwardly. Sandro gave me a warm smile.

We started eating. I was so hungry! Sandro's chefs are the bomb! They make delicious food. I already ate so much! Two turkey thighs, a bowl of spaghetti, some salad, three slices of mango graham cake and two slices of chocolate cake. I never ate so much in my entire life!

This was indeed a feast!

We had a few drinks after dinner. It felt so warm inside the living room. The fire place gave us the heat we needed. As I stare outside the window, I saw the familiar rain of snow. It was snowing! The first day of snow. I smiled. I never felt so cozy. It almost felt like... Home.

I never really called anything or anyone home. Yet, why do I feel this fuzzy feeling in this dreaded house.

I felt strong arms wrap around my waist. I quickly knew it was Sandro. He nuzzle on my neck, the part where he bit me. To my surprise, it didn't leave any mark.

I bit my lip as I felt his warm breath fanning my skin.

"I have something to give you..." my brows shot up. I turned to him. He held my hand and led me upstairs. We were going to the direction of his room.

When we got inside, he went inside the walk in closet. I walked to the balcony. I looked up and admired how breathtakingly beautiful the full moon looked together with it's scattered stars.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" I didn't notice that Sandro was already beside me. I nodded in response to what he said.

I turned to him, he was looking at me intently. I smiled, he gave me an even better smile. He took my hand, I felt a cold metal slide on one of my fingers. I looked down and my breath hitch. I felt tears threatening to fall. I didn't know why I was reacting this way.

Maybe cause he was proposing to me?

"This ring... Belongs to you... This is our ring in your past lifetime... I waited... So long... And now, you're finally here with me again..." he showed me his ring. It was just a silver band, the sides of it had intricate gold. I looked down my finger, it was a trinity ring. The three bands were full of small diamonds. The colors were gold, silver and rose gold.

"I want to start a new life with you... I'm willing to answer anything you ask to me... Everything you want to know..." he pulled me into a hug. I wrap my arms to his neck, pulling me closer to him.

"I'm sorry if I kept you into the dark, my love, I was just so afraid of losing you again..." he whispered. I nodded in his chest. We were still hugging each other. Somehow I felt safe in his arms.

"I'll ask you tomorrow. I want no lies, no more secrets. Please..." I pulled away to see his face. His astonishing face. He looked so beautiful. It's really unbelievable that a man with this beauty was alive. His violet eyes were so alluring.

Our faces were inches apart. He cupped my face and kissed me. The kiss was full of passion. It was fierce and hungry. Love and lust. He carried me bridal style and walked inside the room. He lay me gently on the satin sheets of his king size bed.

He crawled to me. He removed his coat and started to loosen his tie. My fur coat was already removed. He was only left with his boxers and I was only left with my underwear. His hands were wondering all over my body. Our lips in a constant battle of kisses. I pulled away, both of us were catching our breaths. He tucked my loose hair on my ear. He kissed me one last time and lay beside me. He pulled me close to his body.

My body relaxed with his embrace. Sleep slowly consumed me. Sandro's face was all I could think of.

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