Bloody Hell

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Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Blood Bath

I woke up feeling rejuvenated. The bed felt so fluffy while soft satin touched my skin. I felt my cheeks heat up as I remember what happen last night with Sandro.

Last night felt like a dream... Maybe it was a dream...

I stretched my arms and legs. That was the best sleep I got since I went here. I smiled. It felt so good to wake up like this. My eyes fluttered open. My smile instantly became a frown when I saw the space next to me empty.

He was gone! I was alone!

I quickly stood up and stormed out the room. I didn't care if I was still wearing my lingerie. The servants passing kept greeting me 'good morning'. It only pissed me off more. What the hell is so good about the morning?

I went to his study and the library, but he wasn't there. I went to the kitchen, but I only saw Daisy and Heather eating their breakfast. As soon as Daisy saw me she smiled. She stood up and I can see her baby bump. It looked bigger than last week. The baby seems to grow faster since they're not humans.

"Good morning, Sylvia!" she said cheerfully,

"Hey, Daisy! Have you seen Sandro?" my question caught Heather's attention. He looked at me suspiciously.

"We didn't see him... He hasn't been here in the kitchen" that was weird.

Daisy's eyes traveled to my body. I gasped escaped her lips. She covered her mouth in surprise. I didn't explain further and went out of the kitchen. Where the hell is he?

The fast thump of my heart made my hands swell. I can feel sweat forming on my forehead. For some reason, I felt nervous and anxious. The cold marbled floors didn't help. It touched my already cold bare feet. I walked faster, almost running. I was heading back to his room when I saw Rigor.

"Madam... What's wrong?" his head slightly bowing at me. His black hair was pushed back. It already had a few white hair growing. He was wearing his usual uniform. A black tux and a white long sleeve polo. He also wore glasses since he was near sighted.

"I-I was l-looking f-for Sandro..." my nervousness was evident. I didn't know why I was so worried. It just felt like something was wrong.

"I see... I'll inform the guards to go look for the Master... Go upstairs and rest, Madam... We'll do our best to find Master" he was still looking on the floor. Sandro made it clear not to have eye contact on any of us.

"Alright..." I headed to his room. My hands were shaking. My knees were wobbly as I approach the room. I opened one of the double doors of his room. As soon as I went inside, I felt my body go weak. I need to relax. Why am I feeling so worried?

I was angry at him earlier for not being beside me when I woke up. Now I felt so damn worried! Where are you Sandro?

I stopped my pacing when I heard something. It was a strange noise like someone was barfing. The sound was so similar with what I make whenever I wake up in the morning after being drunk from a lit party. The feeling of your stomach churning and you just want to get all the alcohol out.

The sound was coming from the bathroom. Is Sandro in there? What if its not him? My curiosity was getting to me. I need to know who or what is in there. I slowly walked to the bathroom, I didn't hesitate and opened the door.

I gasped. My eyes widened as I try to process what I was seeing. The pungent smell of ferrous sulfate filled my nose. Everything was covered in crimson. The floors and walls were full of red liquid, or should I say, blood.

On the floor lay Sandro. He was covered in blood. His blood. He looked so weak. His mouth and body were full of blood. He was coughing out his own blood. I didn't know what to do. My mouth was lost for words.

I felt dizzy. My lips were quivering. My body felt numb. My legs felt weak, I couldn't move. I tried walking to where Sandro was, but my body didn't want to. I was scared out of my wits. I lost my balance, my body going limp. The last thing I saw before I blacked out was Sandro bathing in his own blood.


"How are they, Doctor?" I heard a familiar masculine voice said. Followed by cries of a woman.

Pain. It was all I could feel. My head was throbbing. This was one hell of a headache.

"The Madam was only shocked with what she saw. She'll be fine after drinking some water. She might wake up with a headache and some body pain due to the impact she had when she fainted." you got that right, doc!

I slowly opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was Daisy. Her cheeks were wet and her eyes were puffy from crying. She gasped when she saw my eyes open.

"Doctor! Doctor! She... Sylvia is awake!" she was hysterical. She started crying some more and I didn't know what to do to comfort her.

"Hon, it's alright... They're alright... Stop crying... You're pregnant remember?" Heather whispered to his wife but I still heard it. I looked at the couple. Heather was hugging Daisy while her face was buried in his chest. For some weird reason, I missed Sandro.


I tried sitting up but couldn't. I was in my weak state. Some servants helped me sit up. I looked around and saw that I was still in his room.

"Where's Sandro?" my lips were still quivering.

"He's beside you, Sylvia..." Heather answered, he looked worried. I looked beside me and saw the man I was looking for. He wasn't full of blood anymore. He was unconscious. His pale skin was even paler.

"Wh-What happen?" I looked at the doctor.

"Madam... You fainted due to shock. Your body and mind didn't know how to handle what you saw." I shook my head. I wasn't talking about me. I was talking about Sandro!

"What happen to Sandro?" I saw how the doctor and Heather stared at each other. They were hesitating to tell me. But I needed to know!

I saw Heather nod at the doctor. The doctor and servants walked out of the room. The only ones left in the room was me, Sandro, Heather and Daisy. The couple sat in one of the sofas in Sandro's room.

"Since you already saw what happen to Sandro... It's futile to hide it from you." my brows furrowed. Heather's face was emotionless. "What you saw earlier was a blood bath... As you know, you two are bound to each other... But not fully. You need to complete the ritual. Sandro didn't want to complete it because you weren't ready yet."

"The ritual should've been completed yesterday while the moon is full. Since the ritual wasn't completed, Sandro suffered. He'll continue to vomit his own blood if you don't complete the ritual. Of course, he'll die, but you'll stay alive... It's your choice if you want to complete the ritual or not, Sylvia... "

My mind tried to process what I just heard. It was up to me to save him from that blood bath. But what are the consequences of saving him?

I was in a dilemma. A part of me wanted to just let him die so I'll be free, but a bigger part of me wanted to save him. I took a deep breath and nodded. I have made my choice. I have decided that I would save him no matter the consequences.

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