Bloody Hell

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Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Bounded Completely

Heather told me everything I needed to do. I have to complete the ritual in order to save Sandro. He told me that we have to be bounded completely and in order to do that we have to make love. After having sex he'll have to bite me and drink some of my blood. After that we'll be bounded with each other forever.

Sandro has been asleep for three days, as soon as he woke up, he ran to the bathroom and barfed blood. It was weird, cause for some reason, I was feeling what he felt when he was vomiting. What's weirder is that I wanted to comfort him and just... Take away the pain.

His eyes were full of worry and hesitation when I told him my decision. Obviously, I was doing this for him. I was in denial the past three days while he was asleep.

I'm now inside his room, fully pampered by the maids. Daisy said that my first time with Sandro should be special. I wanted to scoff. This is my first time.

I was wearing a baby blue lingerie set. Daisy made me use a caramel scented body wash. After the shower, she told me that I was ready to eat. I almost face palmed at what she said. I didn't know she can be so... bulgar. What is Heather teaching her? I groaned. Nevermind, I don't want to know what they do with their alone time.

My train of thoughts were interrupted by the opening and closing of the door. I inhaled and smelled the refreshing scent of wood and maple syrup. He was ready to eat! I didn't need to see who it was, it was definitely Sandro.

I sat on my side of the bed. My back facing him. My heart beated erratically as I hear his footsteps nearing me. I felt the other side of the bed sank. He crawled to my side. His arms encircled on my waist while he buried his face on my neck. He inhaled. The king sized bed felt so small all of a sudden.

"You smell so good..." he inhaled again. His nose nuzzling at that sweet spot of my neck.

I felt a fire ignite in me. My breathing became ragged. My body started reacting to what he said.

I felt him lick that spot. A moan escaped my lips, I felt him smile on my neck. He was nibbling the skin, suckling it, leaving hickeys. He was fueling the fire in me. It only made me pulsate with want and need.

I moaned again as I felt his hands move to my boobs. His expert fingers were circling my nipples through the fabric of my lingerie. My skin felt sensitive. I wanted to get rid of my clothes. I was so lost with this fire inside me.

"Tell me what you want, darling..." he whispered seductively. I moaned.

I faced him, my eyes traveling down. He was only wearing his boxers. My eyes stayed on his growing bulge. I bit my lower lip and looked at his eyes, they were clouded with lust and... Love. He pulled me to him, my breasts on his chest. His hand went to my butt and squeezed it. His other hand went to my nape. Our lips touched and we were in a constant battle of kissing. I wrapped my arms on his neck.

We were still kissing when he pinned me to the bed. Our hands entwined. His crotch directed to my core. He was rubbing it to my already needy core. I moaned, my body arched at the contact. It felt so good. I wanted more. More of him!

"More..." He reached for the end of my lingerie and took it off me. I was only left with my thongs. My eyes widened as I heard a ripping noise. I gasped as I saw my thongs. He smirked. So impatient.

He went down my chest and sucked a nipple. I cried out a moan. He was only making me needy. While he suck my nipple, his hand was pinching the other. I was a moaning mess.

"Sandro... I want more... I need more..." he looked up at me and chuckled.

"Impatient little brat..." he kissed my chest down to my abdomen until he reached his destination. He gave my slit a long lazy lick. I moaned. He was making me feel so much. He lapped and licked me there. Nibbling and suckling my throbbing clit. My moans turned into whimpers of need. I needed more!

I pulled him up, our faces aligned. His mouth was covered in my juices and it only made me feel more aroused. I saw him reach for his boxers. He removed it, I gulped at what I was seeing. His shaft was pointing at me. So hard, long and thick. Is that gonna fit in me?

He pinned me back to the bed. His shaft was rubbing my wet core. I moaned when I felt it's head on my slit.

"Tell me you need me... That you want this..." he was staring at me, his eyes were full of passion. I cupped his face and said,

"I need you, Sandro... And I want this, more than anything..." I assured him.

I felt his cock seeking entrance at my pulsating core. I moaned. Despite the pain, I felt the pleasure. It was my first time, I know it was going to hurt but I also know that it was worth it.

He was fully inside me, I can feel every inch of him. His veiny, pulsating, twitching cock. I looked up at him, his violet eyes looking straight to my soul. He wasn't moving inside me, I can feel his hesitation, his control. He didn't want to hurt me.

I reached for his face and kissed him.

"I'm all yours... Take me... Take me however you want..." his eyes were twinkling. I always adored the color of his eyes. They were so dreamy.

He started moving. He pushed in and out. I quickly picked up the rhythm and we were both moving, trying to reach something we both want to achieve. Everytime he pushed inside, I can feel the head of his cock kissing my womb. Everytime he pulled out, it made me even more needy.

He would whisper sweet promises and dirty desires while he banged me none stop.

While I moaned, he groaned.

My body was full of ecstasy.

My pussy was giving him the lubrication he needs to ease his way inside my tight hole. He was sucking my nipples alternately while he was banging me. My pussy walls clenching around his shaft. I moaned as I felt his fingers travel to my clit, massaging it.

I moved my hips upward as I felt something build up inside me. I wanted to reach it. He kept pumping in and out while I move my hips. We both moved, making the contact of our skin hotter.

I cried out as he slammed in me. He was balls deep. My back arched as I felt my sweet release. My eyes closed, my mouth agape as I savor the moment. I felt euphoria.

It wasn't long until he released inside me. Hot liquid gushed inside me. My pussy walls clenching his cock, milking it while he emptied inside me. I looked up at him. He nuzzled the skin in between my neck and shoulder. I felt his sharp teeth pierce through my skin. He sank his teeth and drank the blood oozing from his bite.

It was done. The ritual was done... We are now bounded completely.

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