Bloody Hell

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Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Answers

I woke up with the feeling of someone caressing my waist and back. I felt it travel down my ass and squeeze. As soon as my eyes fluttered open, a warm wet kiss attacked me. I moaned.

Sandro pulled me closer to his body, I can feel his length on my abdomen. Thick, hard and pulsating.

Our tongues were in constant battle. He his hand went to my hot core. I felt his fingers brush it, I shivered. I heard him chuckle at my reaction. His finger traced my slit. A long moan escaped my lips.

The head of his cock pointed to my wet pussy. I bit my lip in anticipation. He slowly entered me. I gasped. It was still painful, but the pleasure was unbearable. He started rocking me. The bed creaked at our activity. My screams filled the room. Every push and pull was driving me crazy. The pleasure was so overwhelming. My pussy became more lubricated, everytime he moved, it made a slippery sound. The smacking of his balls on my ass was making me more aroused.

I was panting and so was he. I can feel my approaching orgasm. My pussy was clenching his massive cock.

A few more thrusts and I exploded. I saw stars. I shivered with the feeling of ecstasy. After my mind blowing orgasm, I felt his cock twitch. His warm creamy liquid all over inside me. The feel of his cock twitching and pulsating inside me made my eyes roll back.

"Good morning..." he whispered.

I wouldn't mind waking up with this everyday...

I looked at the man beside me. The man that I gave myself to. The man that I cant help but fall in love. His violet eyes looked a lighter shade due to the sunlight. We lay on the bed tangled together, sheets covering our naked bodies. The smell of sex filled the room. His cock was still rrsting inside my tight hole, like it doesn't want to be removed there. That it was made to be there.

I smiled at him and bit my lip. "Good morning..."

He gave me a lazy smile. His disheveled hair was making him even more handsome. I wouldn't mind spending all my mornings with this guy. I wouldn't mind at all...


After that steamy session with Sandro, we showered together. It was only a shower since he wanted to show me something.

I wore a black bodycon, puff sleeve dress and a pair of black velvet stilletos. I let my blonde hair fall down in natural waves. I looked at the man in front of me. My man. He wore a black chinese collar long sleeve polo with some jeans and a pair of black loafers.

He lead me to the library. I looked at Sandro, confused. He just sheepishly smiled at me. If I didn't like this guy, I would've punched his good-looking face.

"You wanted answers, right?" I looked up at him and nodded.

He led me to one of the shelfs in the darkest side of the library, near the staircase going to the second floor. The shelf was full of books. It was too dark to read what their titles were.

My mouth agape as he pulled one of the books and a secret passage opened for us. My eyes widen. My throat felt dry.

I always thought these things only exist in movies. What is this? A Harry Potter Movie?

The passage were made out of brick and stones. Torches were hanging on the walls to serve as our light. I hesitated. The past few days, I was so eager to know everything about this place. Now, I'm not so sure.

"Don't be scared, ma chérie... I'm right beside you..." he kissed my temple and held my waist. I looked up at him and nodded. As soon as we went inside, the shelf went back to its place.

"Don't worry, there's a lot of passages in this house... You were the one who designed this, after all..."

I was the one who designed this? How?

"In your past life, you made a blue print of this house, this was our dream house..." his violet eyes looked at my blue ones. "But ever since that happen... I was left alone to make our dream house happen..." his eyes were full of sorrow. I held his hand and said,

"I'm here now... And I won't leave..." he smiled and gave me a peck on my nose.


The passage way led us to a brown wooden door. Sandro unlocked it using a key, that I didn't know he had. The room looked like an office. It has a shelf on one side, a lamp on the wooden office table and a chair.

My eyes widen at the sight. It was unbelievable. It was like I was seeing myself in a mirror.

She looked exactly like me. The blonde hair. The blue eyes. The mole above my chest. What the hell is this!!

I looked at Sandro, his eyes were full of worry as he scanned my face.

I looked down the portrait. Year 1851.

I blinked my eyes repeatedly. I need answers.

"Is-Is that me?"

"Yes... That's you in your past life... I'm sure you already red the diary of the witch I encountered..." I nodded. "It was still a mystery to me... Why you left all of a sudden..." I saw mixed emotions in his eyes. Anger, sadness, rage, sorrow.

"I don't believe that you chose someone over me..."

"But... That's what it said on the witch's diary..." he nodded and held my hand.

"I know... But I don't believe it... I couldn't..." he looked away. I wanted to hug him at that moment. To comfort him and assure him that I won't leave him... Not again...

"You see, we were already planning to have a family back then..."

A family? I never had a family...

"You already designed the house, Heather and I were looking for people to hire to build it and Daisy was excited to meet the baby..."

My heart beat increased. My eyes started to sting with unshed tears. I felt my legs wobble at the words he said. Realization hit me.

"I... I was..." my mouth had trouble forming words. I gulped. The invisible lump on my throat was making it hard to speak. His violet eyes were full of indescribable rage and loneliness.

"I didn't just lost you that day... I lost both of you..." I covered my mouth to quiet my sob. He pulled me into an embrace.

"You... You were pregnant with our baby... Two months..." I cried. The poor little child. Didn't even witness the beauty of the world. Didn't even meet his parents. My eyes were like endless water falls. Sandro just hugged me. His hand rubbing my back soothed the tension inside me.

"I'm-I'm s-sorry..." I sobbed. He hushed me, kissing my forehead.

"It's not your fault... I never blamed you... I blamed myself for not protecting you that day..." I shook my head.

"It's not your fault..." I bit my lip. I was hesitating to tell him.

"I..." he rubbed my back, soothing the nerves in my body.

"I dreamed about you... About memory lapses... It... It made me question everything... It made me question my life... My... My identity..." his dreamy violet eyes were full of hope.

"When did you start having these dreams?"

"Ever since I red the witch's diary... It's been making my head ache..." I looked away. Those dreams were the ones that pushed me to know who they really are. "I remembered the time I was about to leave you... I wasn't really going to leave you... But I needed to, or else, someone's going to kill you... I... I didn't want to sacrifice you..."

His eyes were wide. The fire in his eyes were full of wrath.

"I-I didn't know that the people would do that to me... I couldn't do anything at that time..." he hushed me.

"It's alright... It's not important anymore... What's important is that we're together..." he gave me a reassuring smile. It made my heart swell.

Something in me was pushing me to know the truth. To know what really happen that day. To know why the past me really left. I need to know why.

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