Bloody Hell

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Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Dream



I looked around, trying to find the voice.

Wait. Why am I in a forest?


"Hello?" my voice only echoed through the quiet forest. All I can see were trees. Is that voice my imagination?

I started walking, the green grass touched my bare feet. I was only wearing a white silk night gown.

My feet led me near a lake. The splashing of water filled my ears. I looked around, there was no one here.



The voice became clearer. It was a woman's voice. My eyes tried to search who it was. No one. There was no one.

Am I going insane?


"Where are you?" The voice sounded louder. Closer... My eyes searched the forest. Nothing. That's it, I am going insane.


A shiver ran down my spine as I heard the voice whisper in my ear. I turned around, nobody was there. I hugged myself, suddenly feeling cold. What the hell is happening!?

I walked to the river. The sound of water flowing made my nerves relax.

"Sylvia... You need to be careful..."

"W-What?" I stuttered. The voice didn't sound so distant and haunting.

"You need to be careful..." My brows furrowed.

"Careful of what?" I asked. My lips were trembling. Somehow, it became colder. Fog started to form in the forest.

"Of him... He's going after you..."

"W-Who's g-going... after m-me?"

"The man... That caused you to die in your last life..."

"W-What?... W-Why?... W-What's happening?"

I didn't hear the voice anymore. I walked near the river, hoping to find her somewhere, anywhere. But I couldn't hear her anymore.

I gasped when I felt someone push me. I lost balance and fell to the water. The water was ice cold. I tried swimming up but I sank deeper, quicker. My lungs were starting to ache, I couldn't breathe.

Before I could close my eyes. I got a glimpse of the person who pushed me.


My body instinctively sat up as soon as I woke up. The first thing I felt was the excruciating pain on my throat. My chest heaved, catching my breath.

"Darling? What's wrong? Are you okay?" I looked at the man beside me. His eyes were full of worry and panic. I held his hand and nodded. I felt his arms embrace me. My breathing went back to normal. My body relaxed in his arms.

We stayed like that for a few minutes. His fingers making circles on my back. It soothed my nerves. His lips kissed my temple. It felt cozy...

"Darling?" he whispered. I looked up at him. I gave him a small smile.

"It was just a nightmare..."

"Do you wanna talk about it?"

"Maybe next time..." his eyes looked at me with curiosity. He pouted and nodded.

"We should sleep some more. It's only two in the morning" I nodded at him. We lay on the bed, his arms pulled me to his body. I hugged him back. It's ironic, how I thought he was some bloody monster and now, I'm feeling things for him.

"Good night, love..." my eyes closed, the last thing I felt was his kiss on my forehead.


Thankfully, I didn't dream of anything when I went back to sleep. But it still won't leave my mind. I tried remembering that face of that man, but all I can remember was the color of his hair, the rest is a blur.

"Sylvia? Are you alright?" My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Daisy's voice.

We were currently having breakfast. I looked up at her. My mouth opened to say something, but I couldn't form any sentences. Instead of answering verbally, I just nodded at her.

I looked down at my plate. Toast with cheese n' bacon, and a cup of hot chocolate. I barely touched my food. I didn't really have any appetite.

I felt Sandro's hand hold mine. It felt warm over my cold one. They were talking about Daisy's due date. To demons, like them, it only takes 3 to 4 months for the baby to fully grow inside the mother. As long as the mother drinks blood regularly and with proper meals, it'll grow normally like a human baby.

Technically, I'm already a demon. After that ritual, I felt my senses heightened. Sandro said I was already a demon, the ritual only awaken it.

We haven't really discussed what these demon powers were. He only said that, I'll eventually remember them since I have memory lapses once in a while.

"Sylvia? Would you like to come with us?" My brows furrowed. Daisy saw the confusion on my face and said,

"We're going to town to shop for some baby clothes." I squealed. I saw Daisy's lips form into a smile. "I'll take that as a 'yes' then?"

"Hell, yeah!"

"Then it's settled, we'll go shopping later after lunch." Heather said, looking at his wife, as to see if she agreed. Daisy smiled at him and nodded. It was so nice to see people in love like this.

"Have you guys found out the gender of the baby?" Sandro asked, his voice a bit raspy. He was still holding my hand. Giving it a squeeze whenever I try to move it away from him.

"It's a boy!" Daisy and I giggled at Heather's enthusiasm.

I looked at the man beside me. The man I learned to love despite how we met. He was better than all the men I met in the city. He was different. I knew he didn't want anything from me like those other guys, cause he already has everything that money can buy.

He took my hand and kissed it. My smile faded when I remembered the dream I had. It was bothering me ever since I woke up. It couldn't be an illusion, cause it felt so real.

It was like the woman was warning me with the omen that's approaching. It made me uneasy.


I need a distraction. My thoughts are eating me alive. I can't overthink things, it'll only get worst.

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