Bloody Hell

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Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Babies and Blood

"What do you think of this one?" I looked up at Daisy. She was holding a pair of baby shirt and pajamas. Light shades of blue covered it, with teddy bears as a design. It looked so cute.

We're in one of the baby item stores here in town. We've been shopping for hours now. Daisy has been picking clothes and stuff for the baby non-stop. She's excited as I am. I can't wait to meet the baby!

"OMG! That's so cute!" We giggled. We've been so enthusiastic in picking the baby's stuff. She already picked out a crib, blankets, more than thirty pair of clothes, socks, bonnets, and some pillows. She looked so happy while we picked those things.

"I think this is enough... We already bought so many things..." I nodded. I looked at her baby bump. She'll be two months pregnant next week, but it looked like she was eight months pregnant.

We spotted Heather and Sandro outside waiting for us. They were arranging everything we've bought inside the car. The other things that didn't fit the trunk would be delivered in Sandro's estate.

"This is a lot..." Heather sighed.

"Tell me about it..." As soon as Heather heard Daisy's voice, he turned around and walked to where we were. He hugged his wife and kissed her. Normally I would've cringed when I saw that, but I didn't... Maybe because they showed real emotion, unlike the people I see in the city. You can tell by how they look at each other that their love is genuine.

I jumped when I felt someone's hand hold my waist. I looked up and saw the most beautiful man I've ever seen. His violet eyes were full of swirling desire. I felt his soft lips give me a light feathery kiss. I smiled. This... This was my genuine love... The love that I always needed. The love that I waited for all my life.

"Did you have fun picking baby clothes?" I nodded and smiled at him.

"Yeah... I can't wait to have ours..." His eyebrows shot up. He wasn't ready when I said that. He was probably thinking that I'm too young to want a baby. Or that he always thought that I wasn't ready to have one.

He wasn't like the other guys I met in the city that's been pressuring me to have a real relationship. He wasn't like that. He was taking it slow. He wanted me to be comfortable in our relationship. But ever since I gave myself to him, my desires were taking over me. That's why I couldn't help but take it fast.

"I can't wait too... I want to have a little Sylvia walking around the house." I pouted and shook my head.

"No... I want little Sandros walking around the house. They're going to be so cute!" he chuckled and pinched my cheeks.

"I bet they will." his hand caressed my face. He leaned and kissed me again.


We arrived at one of the hardware stores in town.

Heather has been choosing the interior of the nursery. He wants it to be designed as the night sky. He's been asking for my help since earlier about the concept of the room. Since he knows I'm an artist, he wants me to help him paint the baby's room and add a bit of design. Of course, I told him that I'll help him design it. Before he asked me to help him I already wanted to help!

"We'll buy the can of paint, two cans per color; black, blue and white, and the brush set." Heather said.

"So, that'll be six can of paint and a twelve piece brush set. The items would be delivered in the address given, Mr. and Mrs. Litmus." the woman behind the counter said. Heather nodded and rote own the address on the receipt.

The paint would be delivered at Sandro's estate as well since their is no more space available inside the trunk.

We're now walking to the parking lot where they parked the car. Heather and Daisy were walked first, while we're behind them.

"Is something wrong?" my eyes averted from our hands entwined to Sandro's face. I shook my head.

"I just... I want to plan a baby shower for Daisy. I want her to experience that... I used to go to those kind of events... Before, you kidnapped me..." he smirked.

"I'll have Rigor prepare the materials you'll need for the baby shower. Don't feel sad anymore." I squealed. I encircled my arms on his torso while we were still walking. I felt his soft lips press on my head.

I never felt this way before... I never knew I could feel this way towards someone...



It's time to wake up...

You need to find her...

Wake up...

I felt the heavy shackles on my wrist and ankles. My arms and legs felt sore. That weird voice was whispering things again. Saying that I need to find a girl. The girl that's been popping up in my dreams since forever.

I don't know why, but something about her was enchanting. She was enchanting. Ever since I saw her in my dreams, I couldn't get her out of my mind.

The need to possess her is becoming stronger the more I'm held captive in here. I need to get out of here and be with her. The more I want her to be mine, the more my mind warns me. She must be a demon.

Demons were known for their power against vampires. They were more dangerous than my kind. More vicious and violent. I need to be careful, she's a demon after all. I just have to convince her to be with me. I have to make her fall for me...

Every night, I would dream of her beautiful face, walking in a field full of flowers. She was always smiling at me, her smile was one of a kind.

I have to find a way to get out of this cursed dungeon. I just need to wait for the red moon. The red moon is every ten years, a few days from now. That moon is known to give vampires and demons extraordinary powers. It'll give you a bloodlust, a desire to quench your thirst. It'll make you crazy with want if you don't drink up.

That red moon would be enough to get me out of this hell hole.

All I need is to wait for that moon and I'll finally have her.

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