Bloody Hell

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Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Demons

A demon was once an angel...

Demons... Are creatures from hell. They cause mischief and chaos.

I'm currently inside the library. The large windows were giving a beautiful view of the forest. Stacks of books were on the table.

Seven Princes of Hell

I red the title of the book. Ever since I learned that I was a demon, I've been curious as hell to know things about them.

Lucifer; Pride

Mammon; Greed

Asmodeus; Lust

Leviathan; Envy

Beelzebub; Gluttony

Satan; Wrath

Belphegor; Sloth

The different types of demons are classified by the seven deadly sins.

"I see, you've been killing your time by reading books." I jumped on my seat. Shivers ran down my spine. I held my chest, trying to soothe the fast beating of my heart.

"Sandro! You almost gave me a heart attack!" he chuckled at my remark. My brows furrowed. He picked up the book on the table that I was reading. "Hmm... I see you're curious of our kind."

I nodded and gulped.

"Demonology..." he red the title of the book. The book represents the different kinds of demons. Different theories of people from the 14th century to the 21st.

"Could you teach me things that you know about demons?" I asked. If I want to learn things about demons, Sandro is the best one to teach me.

His hend held his chin as if thinking of something. He sat down beside me and took the book that I was reading.

"Let's start with... What kind of demons are we. We were created by the seven princes of hell. I'm a descendant of Satan, while you're a descendant of Asmodeus." I nodded.

"How about Daisy and Heather?" he stretched his arm and rested it on the back of my chair. He pulled me closer to him.

"Daisy is a descendant of Mammon, while Heather is a descendant of Lucifer." my eyes traveled from the book to his beautiful violet eyes. They looked a lighter shade due to the sunlight coming from the glass windows. It looked like lavender.

"A demon's powers depends on who his or her creator." my forehead creased. "For example, since I'm a descendant of Satan, I possess the sin; wrath... Some people don't pay much attention to this sin, cause they always say that; 'it's just anger' , 'it's only pure rage, what's the worst it could happen?', what they didn't know that the flames of one's wrath is dangerous."

Just like his anger when he saw me dead in my past life. I looked up at him. He was right, anger is a dangerous thing. If its kept inside you for so long, it will be the only thing on your mind.

He looked down on me, his stubble was growing. His five o'clock shadow was only making him look more majestic.

"Please continue..." I smiled at him. He nodded and smiled back.

"You're a descendant of Asmodeus, you possess the sin; Lust. You enchant people. Tease them, tempt them to do forbidden things. You whisper naughty words to them and they would be willing to do it. You were a whole lot of trouble." my mouth agape while he said that. I can't believe I was like that! The hell, I was a virgin! Well, not anymore since I gave it to Sandro.

"Do you know what an incubus or a succubus is?" I shook my head no. I heard of an incubus, but never really bothered to know what it was until now.

"They're demons of lust. A succubus is a woman while an incubus is a man. They have sex in people's dreams." my eyes widened. What the hell! "Thankfully, you're not a succubus... It's better making love with you in real life than in my dreams, nonetheless, they're both amazing. Especially knowing that I'm the only man you ever did that to" I felt my cheeks heat up. My rubbed my hands on my face, trying to get rid of my flushed state.

I heard a sexy chuckle. I peaked, my hands were still covering my tomato red face. Sandro held my wrist and gently lay them on my lap. He shook his head while he was still smirking.

"For a demon of Lust, you sure are adorable!" he pinched my cheeks. I felt my face heat up again. "Shall we continue?" I nodded, still looking down on my lap.

"Daisy is a descendant of Mammon. She possess the sin; Greed." I looked up at him, surprised. Daisy didn't look like someone that's greedy. She looks so sweet. "You're probably thinking how someone like Daisy would be greedy, right?"

"Of course, she doesn't look like someone that's greedy."

"That's where you're wrong, my love." he kissed me on my forehead and said, "Daisy is only like that towards us, cause we're her family. She's greedy when it comes to us. She doesn't want other people getting close to us, especially when she knows that that person is bad news."

"She's greedy, greedy of love and friendship."

I never thought Daisy was like that. She was always so sweet and caring towards us. She was a mother figure. Just like Zyra... I smiled, I miss that girl. I wonder when I'll be able to see her. Or if I'm ever gonna see her again?

"Hey... Don't think about it that much... Daisy is still Daisy. She's still your bestfriend." I nodded.

"You're right. It's still her." I encircled my arms on his waist and said, "How about Heather?"

"Heather... Is a descendant of Lucifer. He possess the sin; pride. He's also a troublemaker too, like you. He would whisper things to people, things that will make them look ruthless. That they don't care of other people cause they feel proud and mighty unlike them."

"Pride... Is a dangerous sin like all the seven sins. Because of pride, you won't ever want anyone's help, or anyone at all..." I nodded. It all made sense now. It's like someone opened a blind eye in me.

A small yawn escaped my lips. I held Sandro tighter. I nuzzle on his neck. I felt his hand comb my hair. His soft lips graze on my forehead.

"That'll be all for now, you're already sleepy." he chuckled. I felt his hands hold the back of my knees and my back. He carried me out of the library. My eyes were already closing when we reached to his room.

"Good night, Sandro..." I sleepily said. I felt the soft satin of his bed. I snuggled as I felt him tuck me in using a blanket.

"Good night, my love..." the last thing I felt was his feather light kiss on my lips.

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