Bloody Hell

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Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Baby Shower

We all have our own demons. Demons of the past. Demons inside your head. Demons of desire. Demons of anger. Demons of your secrets. And so on...

The more I try to resist, the more it wants to take over me. The more I want to stop it, the stronger it gets.

So I did what I thought would help myself. I embraced my inner demon. I learned to become one with her. We became friends...

I look at myself in the mirror. My dark violet wings that almost looked like black. My red piercing eyes that had silver irises. My nails growing to sharp claws. And my horns... They were the same color as my wings. My pale skin became even more pale. My long blonde hair turned to silver white.

"We looked beautiful..." my demon, Minx said. "I can't wait when Sandro sees us! He was dying to see our demon form!" I smiled at what she said.

Sandro has been so excited for my transition. And now, he'll see me with my magnificent form.

The first time I saw his demon, it made me gasp. He was marvelous. His wings were as dark as midnight. His eyes and horns were the same color as his wings. His skin was whiter than snow. His claws were sharper and longer than mine.

An Angel of Death...

A Fallen Angel...


"It looks great!"

I smiled as I scanned the whole room. We've been arranging the decorations and presents for Daisy's baby shower. I can't wait to see her reaction.

I looked up at the banner that said; IT'S A BOY! It's a good thing Rigor got everything that we needed.

Daisy was currently sleeping, her baby bump was so huge now. She would always make me feel her bump when the baby was kicking. It felt amazing, knowing that there was a life living inside you.

"Why don't you take some rest? You've been preparing for this early in the morning." I looked up at Sandro. His brows were furrowed. Sweat was trickling on his temples and forehead.

"I'm okay... It's almost done anyway..."

"I know, but you haven't had lunch." he held my elbow. "Let's take a break. Let the servants do the rest. You need to eat something."

I didn't get a chance to object. He pulled me to the kitchen. I looked up at the cake and desserts for the baby shower. It had cute little pacifiers on top of the cupcakes and cake.

Sandro pulled a chair for me and a servant served me my lunch.

After lunch, the room for the baby shower was all done. Even the servants that are close to Daisy prepared gifts for the baby.

Sandro pulled me out of the room and carried me bridal style. He walked to his room and into the bathroom. I bit my lip, I already knew what he was up to. We quickly discarded our clothes and took a shower. Well, not just a shower, we made love inside the bathroom. My screams and his groans filled the bathroom.

After that steamy shower, we headed to the walk in closet. I wore a red bodycon long sleeve dress. It's criss cross white ribbon on my back made it look sexy. I slipped in with some red stilletos with ribbons on the back to complete my look.

I looked up at the gorgeous creature that was buttoning his maroon dress shirt. I walked to where he was and helped him. His black jeans were looking good on his long legs together with his brown loafers. His hair was a bit disheveled.

He helped me dry my hair while I helped him comb his. For a second, it felt like we were husband and wife. I blushed at the thought.



Loud cheers and laughs filled the room. Daisy's expression was priceless. Her face was a mixture of shock and joy.

"OH MY GOD!!" She cried on Heather's shoulders. He rubbed his wife's back. Soothing her nerves. A wide smile spread through my face as I saw how happy she was. Sandro held my waist and kissed my temple.

"You made her so happy." he said as he stared at me. I looked up at him and kissed him.

"I wouldn't have done it without your help..." we walked to the couple, Daisy instantly hugged me and sobbed.

"T-Tha-ank y-you, S-Syl-via..." I patted her back and smiled.

This surprise wouldn't be possible without the help of my lover and his bestfriend. Both of them carrying and fixing things in here earliee made it easier for us to finish it. Not to mention their ideas! They were creative and resourceful men!

"Why don't we start the party?" Daisy pulled away and wiped her wet face. She nodded as she smiled.


The baby shower was fun. A few servants that Daisy knew personally said some messages to the baby. Me amd Sandro already said our message to the baby yesterday, so it all comes down to Heather.

Heather stood up and walked to where his wife is sitting. He held her hand and kissed it. The silver band on her finger symbolize their everlasting love.

"My love... You don't know how happy I am knowing that we're finally having a baby... Words cannot describe how happy you make me. You already know how much I love you, and I'll continue to love you everyday of my life, including our child." his other hand touched Daisy's bump. "I can't wait to see you, little one! Papa and Momma is so excited for you!" he leaned down and kissed Daisy. Roars of cheers filled the room as the couple showed their love.

After that intimate moment, we proceed to opening gifts. A lot of the servants gave baby clothes and some stuffed toys. Daisy was now holding me and Sandro's gift.

"Next is... From Sandro and Sylvia... I wonder what this is?" she looked our way, her eyes were full of confusion. She started unwrapping the big box. She gasped as she saw what was inside.

"Oh... Oh my!" her eyes started to become teary again. "I-I can't believe..." I nodded at her and smiled. Our gift for her was the nursery. I finsihed the blue prints the last night, Sandro and Heather just finished arranging the room.

"Thank you, Sylvia! I can't believe this! Thank you! Thank you!" we hugged each other. Her baby bump was pressing on my flat one. She kept muttering 'thank you'. I rubbed her back and smiled.


After the party, Daisy and Heather went back to rest. It's still early, just six o'clock in the evening. Maids started cleaning the room. I felt drained. It made my heart feel so full. As Sandro carried me, I encircled my arms on his neck. My nose nuzzling on his neck, he smelled like wood and maple syrup.

"Did you have fun?" I nodded, too tired to say anything. I heard his sexy chuckle. "I see that the party made you exhausted."

"Mmhmm..." I felt his soft lips on my forehead.

"I guess I'll let you rest tonight" he whispered "But tomorrow... I'll be the one to drain you." My cheeks heated as I realize what he was talking about. I held onto him tighter, hoping he won't see my reaction.

He chuckled again.

"I haven't felt this way for so long... I never thought I could hold you in my arms again." we arrived at the doors of his room. Rigor opened it for us.

"Thank you, Rigor... You may take your rest now, tell the servants that are in charge of cleaning the room to rest after cleaning it."

"Yes, Master..." Rigor bowed and closed the door. Sandro walked us to the king size bed and layed me to my side.

He removed my heels for me. He slipped out of his shoes and unbuttoned a few buttons of his dress shirt.

"Take some rest, darling..." he layed beside me and pulled me to his arms. He kissed me on my head and whispered. "Sweet dreams, darling... I love you..."

I smiled as I heard the three words he's been saying to me ever since I arrived here. I embraced him and sniffed his chest. His scent made me relax. It wasn't long before I went to dream land.

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