Bloody Hell

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Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Threat

"Sandro... Where are you taking me?" I asked, feeling bemused. He was pulling my hand while we walked to where the hell he was taking me.

"I told you, darling... It's a surprise! Now, don't peek. Keep that blind fold on until I tell you to remove it." I sighed at what he said. My feet was starting to feel a tired. Walking with these Louboutin heels are hard work!

We kept walking for a few minutes, I didn't have any idea where he might take me. He just told me that he has a surprise for me, that I need to get ready so I can see what it is.

I was left frozen in his his room, thinking what the hell that was. Most importantly, what the hell will I wear!?

"We're almost there..."

Sandro's deep masculine voice was making my knees wobble with need. I bit my lower lip. Just by hearing his voice makes me so aroused.

We've been exploring each other's bodies the past few days. I tried telling him to use protection, but the devil didn't want to. I shrugged it off and just enjoyed every bit of his delicious body.

I knew that I wasn't ready to have a child yet, but if it was with him... I'm very willing.
"I know we've been just reunited... But I want you to know something... I already told you this so many times, still, I want to repeat it."

We stopped walking. He slowly untied the blindfold. My eyes fluttered open. I gasped as I process what I was seeing. I looked at Sandro with disbelief. I felt his hand entwine with mine. He gave me a warm smile and led me to the gazebo.

The garden was filled with my favorite flowers. Amaranths. Roses. Baby's Breath. Everything looked so perfect. The gazebo was decorated with lace. There was a table for two inside the gazebo.

A candle was lit that was on the middle of the table. A set of plates and utensils were on the table with napkins on top of the plate. He pulled me a chair and let me sit on it.

I still couldn't believe it... This... Everything... Was unbelievable.

He sat across me. Rigor and a few servants went to our side and served us dinner. I was so mesmerized by my surroundings that I didn't care what our food would be.

Red liquid was poured on the wine glass. I instantly knew what it was when I smelled it. Blood. AB Type. The rarest blood of humans.

I saw my lover took a sip at his wine. My eyes flew to his lips when I saw him lick it. Damn those lips! I gave him a flirty smile.

"D-Do you like it?" I looked at him in bewilderment. Is he stuttering? What the hell! I tried hard not to burst into laughter! A powerful demon like him is stuttering! I manage to contain my laughter and said,

"This is... Wonderful... It's amazing! I didn't know the garden can look like this!" My eyes scanned the garden again. I still couldn't believe how this garden turned into this! A few fireflies were flying... It gave the garden a romantic atmosphere.

I heard him sigh. His lips slowly formed a sexy smirk. He nodded and said,

"I'll take that as a 'yes' then?" I looked at his violet eyes. They were a darker shade now that it was night time. I felt hypnotized by his eyes the more I look at them. I absentmindedly nodded at him.

"Dinner is serve!" I heard Rigor's familiar voice. He was our waiter for the night. He has been a loyal butler to Sandro ever since, and I thank him for that.

We started eating our dinner... Steak with some mashed potatoes, corn and carrot chopped into tiny square pieces on the side.

The gravy tasted so exquisite. Of course, the taste of blood was still evident and it gave it an extra tinge of flavor.

He deliberately tease me whenever he has a chance to. I almost choked when he told me all the naughty things he wants to do to me after this dinner.

By the end of the five courses, I was stuffed... And blushing!

We decided to take a walk around the garden. It was enchanting... It felt like a fae home. Sandro held my waist firmly to his. I searched for his eyes. He was staring at a blank space.

We stopped walking. My eyes widened as he held both my hands with his, he gently squeezed it. The moonlight shined through his gorgeous features. His perfect jaw clenched. He shut his eyes close. He took a deep breath and nodded. His eyes fluttered open.

Two pairs of lilac colored eyes stared at me intently. His eyes became a lighter shade due to the moonlight.

"I..." I nodded at him, encouraging him to go on.

"What is it, Sandro?"

"I love you..." my breath hitched. His eyes looked hopeful. Without hesitation, my mouth blurted out the word that I've been dying to say to him.

"I love you too..." I almost said in a whisper. His eyes widened. I felt his grip on my hands tighten.

"R-Really?" I nodded at him and smiled. A smile stretch on his face. It reached from ear to ear.

"Fuck! I love you so damn much, Sylvia! You don't know how happy you made me!" he scooped me up with his arms. It felt so good to be in his arms. It felt like... I belonged there.

I felt tears threatening to fall any minute... I didn't know when or how I fell for this guy. I just knew, one day, that I was slowly falling for him... Fast and hard.

"Can you say it again, darling?" he whispered. I giggled and said,

"I love you, Sandro... With all my heart." I heard him mutter a 'fuck'. I chuckled. His lips found mine, our mouth and tongue in a constant battle of dominance. His kisses were fiery and wet. It was full of hunger and need, like every other time he kisses me.

I pulled away, catching my breath. My lips felt swollen. I looked up at his, gorgeous face. My eyes went down to his lips, it was red and wet. I blushed. He gathered me into his arms and gave me a tight hug. A ghost of a smile was on my face.

My happiness quickly faded as I heard voices in my head. My body trembled with fear. My lips started to quiver, I couldn't spit out any words. My grip on Sandro's body was loosening. My vision started to get blurry.

Memory fragments started to form piece by piece...


"A demon..." I gasped. I looked at the man who was staring right at me.

"Who are you!? Are you spying on me!?"

"Tsk tsk... What if I am? What would you do? Kill me?" he laughed menacingly. "Try me..."

I tried to attack him. My claws were full of fury and anger. It fueled my desire to rip this stranger's throat. I can't let him know that we exist... It will put my love ones in danger.

I got distracted, in an instant, he held my weak spot... My wings. I screamed in pain.

"Now, now, little demon... We can work things out..." I struggled to get out off his grip. My wings started to hurt as he squeezed them.

If only I transitioned sooner... I would've fought this asshole yo death.

"Either come with me in peace, or I'll kill you right here..."

"Y-You c-can't... He'll... He'll kill... you." I tried heard to catch my breath. The pain was scattering all over my body.

"No... I'll kill him first before he kills me..." my eyes widened. I felt my eyes turning glassy. I knew without a doubt that he'll do it. His strength was far more powerful than Sandro's. We were still learning...

The next thing I saw was my past self packing things... She made it look like I betrayed Sandro so he wouldn't look for me. She made it look like she was safe even though she knew she would die.

And the baby... I could feel the baby's heartbeat. A sob escaped my lips.

"Sylvia! What's wrong!?" Sandro started to shake my body.

Until the town's people saw us. The town's people burned me alive... The man managed to escape... But he didn't manage to escape Sandro's flames.

He burned down with the people... They had a one way ticket to hell.

Sandro lashed out but later on broke down. It broke my heart seeing him like that. It was clear now, who was the threat that voice was referring to...
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