Bloody Hell

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Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Red Moon pt. 1

It's been three days since Sandro's surprise, and three days since I saw those memories. I wanted to remember that day as a beautiful memory, but somehow all I could think of the pass few days was that memory I saw.

I would space out everytime we're eating or everytime there's a conversation. I would look into oblivion and think about what that... person might do to me. I was scared... Terrified actually. The thought of him coming back and taking me again was a nightmare coming true.

I would unconsciously look out the window before to sleep. Double lock the doors for extra precaution. I also kept a silver dagger under my pillow just in case I encounter something.

I knew Sandro would see my weird behavior. He'd eventually ask me why I'm acting like that. But he didn't. He'd just stare at me, furrow his brows and smile. Pull me towards him, really really close and whisper reassuring words.

It was like he knew what was bothering me.

I would sometimes wake up due to nightmares. The memories of the past were haunting me. The only thing that kept me sane was whenever I woke up from that terrible nightmare, Sandro was there, his arms wrapped around me, I always felt secured when I'm with him.

I smiled at the thought of him.

I walked down the hall. I'm heading to his study room. He told me that he needed to tell me something important. Something about a red moon?

I saw a few servants walking the hall, they would stop and bow there heads a little whenever they see me.

I took a deep breath when I'm finally in front of the double doors of Sandro's study. It had a golden plate plastered on the side of the wall. It said; Doctor Alessandro Maxim's Study Room.

I bit my lip to suppress a smile. Wow. I can't believe he was a doctor? Why didn't I know that? What the hell? I'm practically his wife and I didn't know his profession?

Before I could open the door, someone already opened it from inside. My eye brows shot up when I saw Daisy.

"Sylvia! There you are! We've been waiting for you!" We?

I looked at her baby bump. It was really large now. She's due in a few weeks. I'm so excited to see the baby!

Daisy gave me a warm smile when she saw me where I was looking.

"Come on! Let's go inside! There's tea and biscuits in there!" I chuckled as she pulled my hand. We entered the room. It was a large study room with bookshelves on the right side of the walls. On the left side of the wall was his office table and a cushioned chair. Two large windows that has maroon curtains were next to them. The floors were covered in carpet. There's a sofa set near the bookshelves. The coffee table was full of different biscuits with a teapot and cups that looked like it came from Europe.

I saw my lover sitting on one of the sofas talking to Heather. They were both holding a cup with a saucer. The two men looked serious and classy as they talk about something.

Daisy pulled me to where they were. My cheeks flushed when Sandro's eyes found mine. He studied me from head to foot. His hawk like eyes were eyeing me. He was like a predator waiting for its prey.

He looked so serious when he saw me sitting beside him. I saw his Adam's apple move. My blue orbs looked straight to his purple ones. My lips twisted. Those eyes were my world and my universe.

I felt his hand on mine. He gave it a squeeze. My hand reached for his face. I slowly caressed his jaw. His perfect chiseled jaw. I stared at his face with awe. I would never get used to seeing a face this beautiful. He looked heavenly and forbidden in the same time.

I woke up from my daze when I heard someone clearing their throats. I looked at the couple in front of us. My face heated as I saw Daisy and Heather giving us a knowing smile.

Sandro groaned and wrapped his hands around my waist.

"What... What did you guys want to talk about?" I asked the question that's been bugging me. I each looked at their expressions. Daisy looked surprise, Heather looked serious while nodding his head, Sandro managed yo maintain a poker face.

"Well... We have something important to discuss with you..." Heather started. "It's about the red moon."

"Red moon? What is that?" Heather looked at the man beside me as if asking for help, but Sandro didn't budge.

"Uh... It happens every ten years. The moon would turn completely red for... Ten minutes." Daisy looked at me, her eyes full of concern. "In that time, it will grant demons and vampires what we call... Bloodlust. You would crave blood so much that you'll go crazy when you don't drink it."

My eyes widen. My mind was having a hard time to process this.

"W-When is t-this r-red moon?" I stuttered. I felt the light squeezing of my hand.

"It's... In two days." Sandro held both of my hands. "We usually hide in the blood cellar until that time is done... But..." he broke our eye contact.

"But what?" I breathed out

"It's your first time... And you might break lose... We're worried about you... The bloodlust is not a joke." he bit his lip and tilted his head. His forehead creased as he scanned my face for a reaction.

"We need you to be ready... There's a lot of danger during the red moon. Different creatures would be lurking everywhere. That's why the mansion would be in lockdown when the red moon starts." I nodded at what Heather said.

"What about Daisy? She's pregnant!" I looked at her. I learned to accept and love her as my friend and family. She gave me an assuring smile and said,

"Don't worry about me, Sylvia... I might be pregnant, but I can still kill anyone who tries to harm my family." I shivered, she said it so sweetly that it scared me.

Heather explained the red moon further to me while Sandro was there comforting me.

It was all too much to handle... This was another matter that I need to worry about. I just want all of these to end.

In order to do that, you need to face your demons... a cute giggle followed.

Who the hell was that?

It's me! Your demon! Minx!

I gasped. She... She was back! My demon was back! I thought I'd lost her for good!

I heard her giggle again.

I missed you, Sylvia... I thought I'd never be with you again.

I'm sorry I left you, Minx... I promise to never do that again...

Don't worry, Sylvia... I will take care of us! I'm not weak anymore! If ever we're in danger again, promise me you'll let me protect us, okay?

Okay... I smiled. I can't believe she was back. She was finally back with me again!

I looked up at Sandro. He's been staring at me for an hour now. I chuckled at gis stiff and serious face. His brows furrowed when he saw me laughing.

"What's so funny? Hm?" I shook my head. "Tell me... Mrs. Maxim, what is so funny to make you laugh like that?" I held his hand and said,

"It's Minx... She's back! My demon is back!" everyone in the room gasped. I chuckled at their reaction.

"Wh-What?" I nodded at Daisy.

"It's true! And she's ready for the red moon!" I felt strong arms wrapped around me. Sandro buried his face on my neck.

"I'm so hapy for you, darling..."

"And... I know she'll be happy to talk to Midnight again." Sandro's embrace tightened.

"He'll be happy to talk to her again... He missed her... So much."

"Like how you missed me?" I asked while I traced shapes on his back.

"Like how I missed you everyday of my life..." I smiled at what he said.

I just hope that I can protect the people that I love. I hope to keep them safe from harm. Csuse I would do anything and everything just to keep them safe... Even if it means giving up my life.


I look at the basin of water. I used my last strength to use dark magic so I can see what she was doing.

The first thing I saw was her embracing a man. It hurt... So much. Everyday being locked up in her only made me more obsessed with her. I'll make her mine... Soon.

It's almost time. The red moon is in two days. We'll be meeting soon...


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