Bloody Hell

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Monster

The house was big, if you can call it a house. It was more like a mansion, the designs on the walls were all Victorian style. Some furniture were Victorian as well, some are contemporary.

A maid escorted me to a room. Probably his room. I went inside. The room was also big. The walls were the color of royal blue. His furniture were the mized colors of blue, gold and white. I see a king size bed with satin blue and silver sheets. On the bed were dresses and underwears.

I went to take a quick shower and chose the black satin dress. It had a slit on the side. I also found black satin gloves that cover three fourths of my arm and wore it. Together with black glittery heels. A maid helped me with my hair and make up. I just let her do it. I don't even know why I need to dress up.

After that, I saw myself in the body length mirror. My mouth agape. I looked beautiful with my blonde hair in waves. Red lipstick and my smoky eye shadow. I was still admiring myself when the door of the room opened. I can see from the mirror thay my kidnapper was looking at me. He walked to my direction and dismissed the maid.

He was wearing an all black outfit. Black coat, black slacks and black dress shirt. The three buttons were open. He was behind me, his hands going to my shoulder. I can feel the soft silk of his white gloves on my skin.

He made me look at him. He was staring at my blue eyes. His hand on my cheek. He smiled at me and kissed my hand.

"W-what are you p-planning to do?" his smile faded when he saw the fear in my eyes. His face now serious. He backed away and said,

"An old friend of mine is going to visit. I want you to be in your best behavior." I nodded, defeated. I didn't know what to do. I want to escape this olace but how!? Even if I can get out of this enormous house, I'll be damned in the woods. Predators would eat me alive.

What if an anaconda swallows me whole?

Or a bear making me its dinner?

Or a wild boar might attack me?

Endless possibilities were clouding my head. He won't let me go anytime soon. I have to gain his trust. I held his hand before he could move.

"What is your name?" I tried hard not to stammer.

"Alessandro Maxime. You can call me Sandro if you like. You?" his grip on my hand tightened.

"I'm Sylvia... Sylvia Amaranth Roseville." his eyes gained sparkles when he heard my name. Something about his eyes told me that he already knew my name.


We welcomed our guess at the doorway. A man accompanied with a woman went inside the mansion. Sandro held my hand while he exchanged pleasantries with the couple. They were a young couple, the man had pitch black eyes and disheveled brown hair. He was good looking like Sandro. He was also wearing a tux. The woman was beautiful with her green eyes, her black hair in a bun. She was wearing a light blue lace long sleeve dress that end just above her knees.

"Darling, this is Heather, my friend." his eyes widened when he looked at me. I heard him whisper something to Sandro. Then he offered me his hand and said,

"Nice to meet you, Miss?"

"Sylvia. Nice to meet you too" I shook his hand. My face was impassive.


We went to the kitchen and the maids served us food. Normally we would have only one dish or two when eating, today we had a three course meal. They all had the same appetizer. While I had a different one. I didn't argue anymore since they were discussing something.

It was the dish I always had. With that red sauce. A maid poured wine in my glass. I noticed that the bottle of my wine was different from their's.

The meals were served, the three of them had the same while I had something different to eat. Even though it's different it was still delicious. I need to ask the chef what's his/her secret recipe is.

After that, we moved to the garden. The two men were still discussing something. They were both drinking wine. The maids also gave me a glass. It tasted just like the one I first drank here. I was about to stand up when the woman across me spoke. I heard Heather say that her name is Daisy.

"Are you enjoying your new life?" she asked, I shook my head no.

"Why not? You have everything..." I shook my head again. I don't want anything to do with this guy. I left the garden and started to walk a long hall. I was trying to find the kitchen when someone bumped into me.

"Oh my! I'm so sorry, Miss! I'm so sorry! Please spare me, I didn't mean to!" she was panicking. Fear was evident in her eyes. She looks so young...

"It's alright... I'm not going to hurt you... What's your name?" she looked up at me, her eyes teary.

"I'm Kathy. What are you doing here, Miss Master might be looking for you." master, huh?

"I feel a bit tired that's why I left them outside. Can you show me to my room?" she nodded and we walked the long halls of this mansion.

I started conversing with Kathy. Asking her things related to her master.

"Young master is a very strict man. He is also kind to us, as long as we don't disobey the rules." what rules?

"You see, Miss. Master has a set of rules in the house. His first rule is never betray him. Master hates traitors" my heart was beat so fast. What if I escape then he catches me? What will he do to me?

Our conversation was interrupted when I saw a familiar man. He is Sandro's butler, Rigor. He looks like he's in his mid 40s. He was walking to our way. He bowed his head a bit and said,

"Miss, the Master is looking for you." no matter how many times I told him to just call me by my name and don't bow at me, he would still do it. Maybe it's one of Sandro's rules.

"Tell your Master that I feel tired. I'm going to take some rest in our room."

"As you wish, Madame. I'll be heading to Master now." he bowed and walked right pass us.

Kathy was looking at me. Her eyes were full of worry and sadness. She took my hand in hers. She was smaller than me.

"Miss, I see that you have a good heart. You need to be careful of Master. He's not what he seems..." I felt my body shiver. I was already sleepless every night. Whenever I try to sleep, my mind would be occupied with the man beside me, sleeping.

"This house has dark secrets. You must leave before you're too late!" we heard foot steps approaching us. Kathy let go of my hand and backed away. She was looking down when I felt a familiar touch.

"There you are! I've been looking all over for you!" he was smiling at me. His hand on my waist. There he is, the monster in flesh.

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