Bloody Hell

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Bound Together

What Kathy told me was all I could think about. She was right, I need to get out of here. That guy is crazy.

I quickly changed into comfortable clothes. Some jeans and a sweater, with my black long coat and timberland boots. It was very cold outside. It wasn't snowing but the trees made it cooler.

I sneaked in the halls, avoiding any maids aa possible. I was about to turn when I heard voices inside a room. The door was slightly open. I hate eavesdropping, but something in me wanted to know what they're talking about.

"I really didn't expect this..." it's Heather's voice! "They also have the same name... She must be her descendant. Don't you agree?" I looked left and right, someone might see me!

"She is... They're related..." I heard a 'tsk' sound.

"Does she know? What you're doing to her?" silence

"She'll know, in time..."

"You must know, the bond is strong. Even if she runs out of blood, if she had an accident, or is starved to death, she'll stay alive and heal." Heather said, I heard glasses clinking.

"That's why I'm doing it. She's already bound to me..." Sandro's voice.

"You do know that, if one of you dies... The other one will die as well..." my eyes widened. What the hell! What are they saying? I don't understand a word!

"That's the best part, I won't be left alone anymore. If Sylvia dies, I die as well. I will never let history repeat itself." Sandro's voice was full of rage. I don't know why but for some reason I can feel his emotion.

Then it hit me. The words he said. What they were talking about. I can feel my body shaking. I covered my mouth. I can't let them hear me sob.

"In the next full moon, the bond would be sealed, and her transition will start. You know what to do..." I can't take it anymore. I ran out of there. I couldn't handle what they're saying.

I didn't know where I was running. My eyes were blurry with tears. I clashed into something. My butt hit the floor and I swear, it effing hurt! I wiped my tears and a hand was offered to me. I looked up, only to see Daisy. She was smiling at me.

"I'm sorry about that. I was being emotional" my voice csame out raspy.

"It's alright. I get really emotional too." I smiled at her and she helped up. I can feel my butt hurt.

"Come on, our husbands are waiting for us." husbands?

The hell? I didn't know I have a husband now! What the hell is Alessandro telling them!? I stayed quiet and nodded. She snaked her arm on mine and led me to the room where I eavesdropped. I felt my cheeks burn as the realization hit me.

The first thing I saw in the room were the majestic violet eyes of the man in there. He already removed his coat. The sleeves of his dress shirt were folded to his elbows. I averted my eyes elsewhere. The room had a big window. A really big window, it occupied one side of the walls. You can see the forest there, not to mention the scattered stars in the night sky.

"Hey, hon! I'm back! Look who I brought with me!" Daisy said cheerfully. She let go of my arm and went to Heather. Sandro walked to me and held my hand.

"Don't be so harsh on your wife, Sandro! I saw her crying earlier!" Daisy winked at me and smirked. She must think that I really love this guy.

"I'm just a bit emotional, that's all." he looked worried but he still nodded. I removed my coat and went to the chair nearest to the fire place. I was freezing! I rubbed my hands together. He sat beside me and held my freezing hands. His arm snaked on my shoulder and hugged me. Some how, I felt more secure and warm with him.


The couple stayed for the night. Sandro gave them a room down our floor. I was laying on the bed when I saw Sandro, walking, his waist was only covered with a towel! My face began to heat. I averted my eyes, but it keot going back there, it seemed like my eyes were loving the view.

"Why just look when you can touch it?" I heard him say. I must be as red as a tomato by now! Right when his towel slipped down his torso, I turned to the other side, but I was too late cause I already saw his glorious ass.

A few minutes passed and I felt the bed sink on the other side. He chuckled and pulled me to his body. I can feel something poking on my back. My body started to feel hot by his touch. I turned to him and tried to push him. He didn't budge, he pulled me closer.

I felt him kissing my neck, jaw and back of my ear. I can feel goosebumps at every touch. My body shook when I felt a sharp pain on my shoulder. It was the feel of his fingernails. Very sharp fingernails. My blood was dripping down my collarbones and neck. He licked his fingernails clean. He then licked the blood on me clean. He smiled, a creepy smile.

"Delicious..." he whispered, I can feel my tears on my cheeks. The wound on my shoulder was hurting. It was really painful. I wriggled in his embrace. I hate how my body is responding to him, my brain was fighting it.

I felt him rub his crotch on my leg. He was turned on. I need to find a distraction! There's no way in hell I'll let him have me.

"Uh... S-Sandro?"

"Mmm..." he hummed

"I'll go wash up in the bathroom. I feel really sticky." he woke up from his daze and stared at me. He held my cheek and kissed me on my lips. My eyes widened, I did not expect that! His grip loosened, I took that as a chance to run to the bathroom. As soon as I got in, I heard him chuckle.

I took a quick shower. Since the only underwear here were either made out of lace or thongs. I wore the black lacy panty and a nude colored lingerie.

As soon as I went to bed, I felt the tiredness. I felt sleepy. My eyes closed. I felt Sandro pull me in an embrace. I felt him press his lips on my forehead but I didn't hear what he said. I was really sleepy.

"Goodnight, darling... I love you..."

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