Bloody Hell

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4: A Field of Flowers

I felt the sun rays on my skin as I stirred in bed. My hand reached for a pillow. My arm and leg are tangled in it. It smell so good. I smiled while my eyes were still closed. I never had this good of a sleep. I remember my small apartment with my roommate and bestfriend, Zyra. She told me not to go to this place. I should've listened to her.

I snuggled on the bed when I felt an arm pulling me closer. My eyes flashed open. I saw the most beautiful creature in front of me. His eyes were closed, still sleeping.

He groaned and pulled me closer to him. "Don't leave me... Don't... Please..." I heard him say. He was having a nightmare. I tried shaking him to wake him up. He didn't budge.

"Please... Sylvia... Don't go..." his voice was trembling. By some unknown reason, my heart ached. I tried shaking him again, this time, his eyes fluttered open. His eyes stared at me. Like he was seeing my soul.

"I wouldn't mind waking up beside you everyday..." he kissed my head and stood up. I saw him enter the bathroom. Before he closed the door he said, "You wanna shower together?" my face quickly turned red. I looked away and hid behind the blankets. I heard his chuckle and the aound of the door closing.

A few minutes passed and he got out of the bathroom. A towel was hanging on his torso. Water dripping from his hair and body. His chiseled chest was so alluring. It ignited smothing inside me. I felt heat spread all over my body. Something I never felt before...

Before he can see me ogling at him, I quickly went inside the bathroom and took a shower.

I was putting on a towel when someone knocked. "After you're down, come down for breakfast" I heard Sandro walking away.

I got out of the bathroom and saw clothes on the bed. I put on the underwear first. I wore the white off shoulder sundress. It looked good on my curvy body. The dress stopped just above my knees. I wore the white ballerina shoes I saw below the bed. I went to the Victorian styled vanity mirror.

I put on some light make up. I searched each drower on the side to look for accessories. I opened the last one on the left and saw a black velvet box. A voice inside my head said that I shouldn't open it. But it was so alluring. I'm curious what to know what's inside.

I slowly opened it. I gasped. Inside the box is the most beautiful necklace I ever seen in my whole twenty three years of existence. It's chain was silver with little diamonds, the gem was huge. It's length was the size of my thumb. It was shaped like a tear, the color green and blue mixed together. Like sapphires and emeralds. The corners of the gems were made of silver with tiny diamons on the side.

Something was written inside the box, Ma cherie, je t'aime

Before I can think anything, I found my hand taking the necklace out of the box and putting it on myself. I admired my reflection as the necklace looked good in me. I braided the sides of my hair and left a few of my bangs. My long blonde hair looked like gold.


I walked down the stairs only to find Sandro on the bottom. He scanned my face, then down to my body. I felt heat gushing out of my cheeks. Then he looked in my eyes and said, "You look wonderful." he took my hand and kissed it.

My eyes moved down to what he was wearing. He was wearing black slocks and a white dress shirt, the sleeves folded to his forearm, the three buttons left open. Together with his brown loafers, he looked better than any other guy I met.

Before I could move, I saw him looking at my neck. He must've noticed the necklace. Am I in trouble now? I felt sweat forming on my temples. Is he going to lash out and chop my limbs?

"You wore the necklace..." he looked up at me. I felt his hand gripped mine tighter.

"Yeah... If you don't want to I can take it off... I just... Thought it was beautiful..." I bit my lower lip and looked away. I pulled my hand from his grip. Before I could remove the necklace, he stopped my hands.

"It's alright... Actually, it's for you..." his eyes lit up. "I'm glad you wore it... You look wonderful..." he reached for my hand again and kissed it. We walked together in the kitchen.

We saw Daisy and Heather already at the table. They smiled at us and greeted us good morning. Sandro pulled a chair for me. The servants served us breakfast. The three of them got the same while mine was different. It had that usual red sauce. I pushed the doubt away and started eating. The chicken taste delicious, the corn was buttery.

After breakfast, we went to the back of the house. The field was full of different flowers. Different colors of roses, carnations, tulips, chrysanthemums and the list goes on. Fields of different flowers. There's a barn not so far from the mansion. The wide field of flowers were sk mesmerizing. I didn't know Sandro has a farm here?

"You like what you see?" I got startled by the voice behind me. I turned around and saw Daisy. She was smiling at me, I smiled back. She was wearing a light pink long sleeve sundress. She wore white lacy gloves that stopped at her wrist.

"It's... Breathtaking..." she nodded in approval, her smile still plastered on her face. She held my hand and pulled me to the field of flowers. The soil was brown and it looked healthy. The flowers smelled so refreshing.

"We should pick some flowers so we can make a flower crown..." her warm smile made her look even more beautiful.

"I... I don't know how to make one..." I stammered

"I'll teach you how, don't worry..." she smiled reassuring me. I nodded and started walking towards the blue roses. I always loved the color blue... I removed my white silk gloves and started picking blue roses.

I was done picking my flowers when I saw Daisy walking towards me. She had a whole bouquet of flowers in her hand. I looked at mine; blue and white roses, lilies and baby's breath. They were already enough.

"Let's go now... Our husbands are looking for us." I looked at the direction the two men were standing. They were too busy talking about something earlier. I can see Heather waving his hand to us. I looked at Daisy, she was smiling at her husband. I always wished to have a love like that.

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