Bloody Hell

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Try to Escape

I managed to get out of that mansion. It was hard sneaking out of that maze. Luckily, the maids are all asleep. The outside of the mansion were full of guards. I had to crawl my way to a safe spot. I used the old rustic door on the side of the tall gates. The gates were so tall, about ten feet. It has sharp pointy things on top of them to keep anyone from climbing them. When I finally found the gate. I tried my best to open it quietly.

It made a creeky sound. It's not called a rustic gate for nothing. I slowly opened the gate. I prayed hard to God that no one would hear the sound.

When i finally opened it, I quickly went out and ran as fast as I could. I brought my jansport bag pack with me full of the clothes that I packed for that hot spring. I snuck out some biscuits I saw on the cup boards, a flashlight and a swiss knife. Predators are lurking in the forest and the mansion. I need to get the hell out of here.

I was panting. Tired from running. It's already morning and I'm already deep inside the forest. There's no turning back. I decided to have a quick break. My legs ached from all the running. I took some biscuits and water from my bag. Everytime I breathe smoke came out of my mouth. It only showed how cold the weather was.

It's a good thing I was wearing thick clothes. The third to the last thing I wanted was to die of hypothermia. While the second is get eaten by wild animals. The first is just sit in that mansion and wait for my impending doom. I didn't get anything that they said. It's like they know me so well. Daisy even knew my life long dreams.

I hated how unlucky I am. I hated how I didn't listen to Zyra. I hated how I ended up here. This is the worst vacation ever! One of the reasons why I wanted to take a break is that, I just wanted to rest. Everything's been so stressful. Not to mention my new art gallery. Second is I needed new inspiration, cause every piece in my art gallery exhibition was sold.

I never really had a family... My parents died when I was four. From then on, my grandparents took me. They gave me everything I needed. We weren't rich, but I still appreciate everything they've gave me. They would tell me stories about my parents. Gave me pictures of them to remember them by. And even though I never met them, I knew that they love me and I love them too. I just wished that they were still there for me...

When I turned nineteen, my grandfather died. He had a heart attack. I saw how my grandmother mourned. I saw how devastated she was. I felt her pain. I cried every night for a month, I couldn't accept that my loving grandfather is gone... A year after, I graduated from college, I majored in Fine Arts. I got a lot of job offers saying they wanted to feature my masterpiece. When I thought everything was fine, it wasn't. There was always a bumpy road.

My grandmother died in her sleep. I mourned for her, for both of them. On the other side, I was glad she died a peaceful death. At least she'll be happy to be with my grandfather again. Thinking about them, made my heart ache.

I woke up from my trance when I saw the near bushes moving. I took my swiss knife ready to what might come next. My hands trembled. My heart was banging on my rib cage. I was ready to attack when I saw a familiar figure.

"Daisy? What are you doing here?" I asked confused. Her eyes looked worried. She tried walking to me but I stepped back.

"Get the fvk away from me! Go back to the mansion!" she shook her head no and said,

"No! We go back together!" I shook my head at her. I hated how I'm feeling bad for a pregnant woman. "Please, Sylvia... Sandro is worried about you... We need to go back." her eyes were pleading.

"No! I will never go back to that monster! I'd rather die than be with him!" she gasped at my sudden out burst. I was fuming mad. My face was all warm and red. My loud voice startled the birds. They started flying through the sky.

"Just go, Daisy... Go back without me... I don't need you..." she shook her head. My patience was running out. She was pushing my buttons. I didn't want to do this, but she left me with no choice.

"Get away from me and go back to the mansion before I effing slice your child out!" I quickly regretted saying that. She was really testing me. My chest heaved up and down. I saw her eyes widened. Her eyes started to become red as tears flow down from her eyes.

"Y-You d-didn't mean that... R-right?" I shook my head at her.

"I mean it" I gripped the swiss knife on my hand. I pointed it at her. I looked into her green eyes that are full of sorrow. She just stood there crying. As heartless as it sounds, I didn't feel anything at that moment. Not pity, not agony, not anything. The only thing on my mind was to get the hell out of this place.

When I was about to leave I heard familiar voices. Great! I managed to get out if that place but couldn't get rid of them! I groaned. I keot walking even though I knew they were there.

"You wouldn't do that..." Sandro's deep husky voice sounded menacing. I stopped on my tracks not turning around.

"Try me..." I heard foot steps approaching me. I looked back and saw a angry Sandro. We looked at each other. Both our eyes were full of hatred and rage. I never asked to be here. I never wanted to be here.

"You are going back to the mansion with us." he commanded. It made me even more angry. If Daisy was testing my patience earlier, this one wanted to make it thin.

"No! I'm going back home! Can't you see? I don't even know you guys but you claim that we know each other. I've never seen you guys in my entire life. I'm sick of pretending and just waiting to be set free!" I saw hurt in his violet eyes. I heard Daisy gasp. I saw Heather comforting his wife.

I was about to walk away when I felt a pang of pain on my scalp. He yanked my hair! I lost balance and landed on my ass. It effing hurt! My eyes started to water when I felt him pulling my body on the ground. I screamed and thrashed. I tried clawing his hands but it didn't work. He was still yanking my hair and pulling me, my body still on the ground. The coupke was walking with him while he yanks me.

I wanted to die in that moment. My body felt weak with all the thrashing and the lack of sleep. My breathing became ragged. I might have an asthma attack, but I couldn't care less. Before I knew it, I was out cold.

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