Bloody Hell

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Prisoner

I woke up feeling like my head was being hammered. My body ached, especially my ass. I tried sitting up. How long have I been out? I felt nauseous. My body felt so heavy. I scanned my surroundings and was relieved that none of those weirdos were here.

I was back in the dungeon. It still looked the same. No windows and doors, just the cell metal bars. The bed wasn't made of silk but it was still comfortable. This was one of the mornings I wanted. I enjoyed being alone here. It was better than waking up with that guy. Just thinking how he yanked my hair and pulled my body to the ground. He was so forceful, it made me shiver.

He was terrifying. I never want to talk to him ir anyone of them ever again. I'll be willing to stay here and die.

I lay back on the bed, my back facing the metal bars. I felt really tired. If only I hadn't gone to this stupid vacation. I felt tears coming out of my eyes. I feel so weak... I wish I could just die... And be with my parents and grandparents... I miss Zyra, I miss how she'd comforst me when I had a fvcked up day. Everyday was a fvcked up day.

I heard metal clanging. I looked behind and saw him. The devil in flesh. He wore a white muscle shirt that showed his muscled biceps and some sweatpants. He had dark circles under his eyes. His hair messed up. I turned away and closed my eyes, trying to sleep. He clanged on the metal again. I blocked him out of my mind.

The clanging stopped and I was happy asf. I continue trying to sleep. I nearly jumped the bed when I heard someone cleared their throat!

I looked behind to see him standing inches away from me. My forehead creased. How did he get inside? My eyes searched the bars and saw two bars bended away from each other to make space enough for an entrance. I lay back to bed and closed my eyes.

"Darling..." I cringed. I turned to see him looking down on me. His eyes held pain, I quickly pushed away the thought. I lay my head back to the bed, I still have a headache to worry about.

"I'm sorry what I've done to you... You must understand that I only did that because I love you... I was so worried when I couldn't find you in our bedroom..." I refuse to listen and see reason. Nothing will ever change what I see about them. Obviously, they're not human. Every meal they would drink that red wine but is actually blood. I looked at the contents. I saw one of the maids take it out of a cellar that was full of different blood.

Everytime I remember that I would empty my stomach. It was too disgusting.

"Darling... Please..." I heard him plead. I was trying to sleep! So annoying.

"Don't call me that. I'm not your darling." I snapped. I hated every inch of him. I saw the growing pain in his eyes.

"Please... You need to understand... I love you and I can't let you leave..." that's it! I had enough! I'm sick of everything in here! It's ironic how I hate the luxury and riches of this mansion but it was always the things I wanted.

"Just leave me... I don't want you here, Mr. Maxime" my mouth was almost spitting out acid. I heard him sigh. I heard him walking away. His steps heavy and hesitant. I couldn't sleep after he left. He was all I could think of.


It wasn't all bad in the dungeon. It was quite clean and decent. A maid would come here to give me food. I would only eat at least three bites then drink water. I didn't have any appetite. I would mostly sleep the whole day.

Based on the sunrises and sunsets, I've been here for a week now. The first three days was fine, I would eat a bit even though I didn't have an appetite. When the fourth day came, I didn't eat completely, followed by the next days. I was wondering why I'm still alive. I hadn't eaten for four days. I just feel my body getting weaker. I couldn't sleep with the constant headache.

That guy must've done something to me. He didn't visit again after I made him leave. The maids still come here to give me food but I refuse to eat it. For some reason, my body wouldn't eat anything. The wine was the only thing it accepted.

It's the eighth day and I still had no appetite. So I drank the wine instead. Strangely, it quenched my thirst and hunger. I had three cups and slept even though it's morning.

I woke up feeling like shit. I felt so weak. My body ached everywhere. Even when I breathe my chest hurts. I couldn't sit up with all the pain I'm feeling. I wanted to cry but there seems to be no tears left to cry. All I can do is sulk. I didn't have a chance to eat or drink anything when lunch and dinner came.

Maybe I'm going to die? Well, that's better. At least I wouldn't be here anymore. Living here is hell. Pure bloody hell. Just thinking about that guy makes me shiver. The way he would open up wounds and suck the blood out.

He's not a vampire... Maybe he's a mosquito?

I don't even know why I'm kept here. When ever I'd ask he'll just say that I belong here and end the conversation. He'd always pick my outfits, I don't even get a say in what I wear. When I'll wear something else the maids would make me change cause their master would get angry at them.

I hate that bossy son of a btch! Even my food! I have something different while they all have the same! But he's caring... A voice inside my head argued. Yeah, he is caring. Like every other guy I met. He's no different.

Maybe I'll just die here. Or maybe this is all just a nightmare? Or I'm in a coma and this is a very long dream? Then I'll wake up in my room or in a hospital...

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