Bloody Hell

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Beginning

I must've passed out earlier. I felt the constant ache of my head. I didn't move cause everytime I do, it gives me tons of pain. I feel like my bones would crack with the slightest motion. My eyes stayed close, refusing to see this hell like prison.

"Oh my! She looks horrible!" I heard a familiar female voice. I didn't give it to much thought, I must be hallucinating! I became crazy with all this isolation.

"I know... It pains me to see her like this... But this is her punishment... She needs to learn her place... I can't lose her again..." the blood sucking maniac! What is ge doing here? And what is he talking about?

"We have to move her out of here, Sandro... She needs proper care... She won't die anytime soon because you're already bounded to her still she needs food... She's already immortal now, the transition is starting..." My eyes widened. My body shivered. I felt cold all of a sudden. Knowing that I was immortal...

My eyes began to blur. My tears started rolling out of my eyes. I felt helpless... Why did I have to be in this position? I closed my eyes and just pretended to sleep. That was so much to take in. That was too much.

I heard footsteps nearing. That monster must've bended those metal bars again to get in here. I wanted to jump when I felt someone touch me.

"I'm sorry, darling..." he carried me bridal style. I was like a lifeless doll. My stomach felt empty. I haven't eaten anything in days. I'm starving as hell. My head was spinning. I want to vomit.

I can feel the motion while he walked. They were still talking about something but I couldn't understand them. It's like my brain blocked their voices from me. I slowly opened my eyes and all I can see was a blur.

That's when I felt it. My body stiffened. Sandro didn't expect my sudden movement. I lost my balance and fell to the marbled floor. I heard a few of my bones cracked. I started vomiting red liquid. When I smelled the familiar scent of ferrous sulfate, I knew it was my blood.

I can hear Daisy screaming hysterically. Heather called Rigor and some maids. Sandro tried rubbing my back to ease the pain but I continue vomiting. Tears streaming down my cheeks. The clothes that I was wearing were stained with blood. My chest heaved. My body trembled. I felt my body go weak. The hand that I used to balance me slipped. I was ready for the impact of my head to the floor but it never came. Until darkness consumed me...


I woke up with the feeling of soft silk on my skin. I heard the chirping of birds. The rustling of leaves. My eyes fluttered open and I can see how the sun illuminated the room. I scanned my surroundings. I was back in Sandro's room. I sighed. The last thing I remember was me vomiting a lot of blood.

I tried standing up. My legs a bit wobbly. I manage to get to the body length mirror. I looked at my reflection. I was wearing a sleeveless pastel pink lingerie that ends mid thighs. My blonde hair looked like golden sun rays. My blue eyes looked empty. I lose weight. My pale skin became paler. My used to be pale lips were looking red. My cheeks looked flushed.

I didn't feel weak anymore. I feel rejuvenated. The smell of blood was gone. I smelled like rose petals and apricots. I wonder who bathed me? Was it Sandro? I shivered at the thought. The last thing I wanted was to be with that monster again.

My thoughts were interrupted by the growl of my stomach. Which reminds me that I hadn't eaten anything in days. Too lazy to shower, I took the black robe. It looked beautiful with the intricate laces of red in it.

I walked down the stairs bare foot. I passed a few maids down the halls. They all bowed down to me and said good morning. I didn't spare them a glance. I was too hungry. I stopped at the entrance of the kitchen when I saw the people at the long table. They stared at me. My eyes was fixated on the demon that made me go through hell. The pain that I felt when I was locked up and couldn't eat was worst than anything I could imagine.

"You are awake..." Sandro started, his eyes traveled down to my body. His eyes furrowed when he saw what I'm wearing. I shrugged.

"Are you disappointed that I woke up? Don't worry, you have my life... You can kill me anytime you want..." I saw him grip the utensils in his hand. His jaw clenched and I can see how he desperately tried to contain his anger. I smirked, enjoying every bit of pestering him.

"Why don't you join us, Sylvia... You must be starving..." I didn't reply. If it wasn't for her, I would've escaped this hell hole. I walked to the other end of the table. I pulled a chair and sat down. Servants went to serve me food. My stomach went upside-down when I saw the familiar food they always give me. I pushed the plate away and drank water to ease the nausea I'm feeling. I called one of the servant girls.

"Yes, Miss?" she was bowing her head and looking down.

"Can you get me something else to eat?" she nodded. "Bacon and eggs with toast on the side. And black coffee, with three teaspoons of sugar, no cream." she nodded again and excused herself. After a few minutes, she went back, holding a tray with her. She went to my side to serve me my food.

"Thank you..." I gave her a small smile. I saw her eyes widened despite her looking down. I dismissed her and she went back to the lines of servants on the side.

I started eating my breakfast without glancing at the other end. I'll be eating here from now on and I'll be deciding what food I want. If he wants to keep me here, I'll make sure I'll be a burden to him. I'll make him regret he kidnapped me. This is just the beginning...

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