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Trusting someone wasn't easy for her. She wasn't born anti-socialist but get turned in one. Almas never was a dreamer as nightmares never leave her alone. They say darkness is a ray of hope for the light but in her case, she herself closed every window. Amaan, who is an emerging rock star has a perfect life while on the other hand Almas, a determined businesswoman is trying to join scattering pieces of her past life. When they get deep, they realised that not only they, their whole family is bound with some hidden secrets. The involvement of their siblings bring some love stories to light which are heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. The game of losing loved ones become like a survival forest which get deeper and deeper.

Thriller / Romance
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As the rain poured down accompanying with thunder. Lightning strikes and spread a white hue in the dark and graphite looking sky. A brilliant flash flickered creating a zig-zag unseen path and vanished by own. He tossed on the couch and adjusted his sight to bed. Because of slight illumination coming from the window, he can see clearly. His eyes tried to find her as he realised that his daughter is only alone on the bed.

Sitting directly on the couch, he see her standing beside the widow. The curtains in front of the window moved with the locks of her hairs. Breeze billowing the ends of her dark hairs like a ribbon. They are getting tangled with curtains time to time. Smile was playing on her radiant face which is glowing in between because of lightning. He know that she was admiring thunder and lightning there, not rain unlike others. He can adore her from distance, she change in a thorn when somebody goes near to her. She was ravishing and mysterious like a black rose, but thorns come in light when you get close to her.
Realising the gaze on her, she turned toward him. "Is it disturbing you, " she asked signing toward window on which he slightly nods his head negatively. He lie down again by keeping his one hand on forehead. He wish that he can tell her, she was the one who is haunting from the day she came in his life. He is trying to untangle but she was like a jigsaw puzzle. Before he understand one side, another layer of her come in front. He thought in himself and closed his eyes. "Amaan," he heard her calling as he open his eyes. "You should leave me. Please make me free from all this," she said staring with her oceanic eyes. This was the first time, he heard her requesting or she never listens to anyone.
The red velvety roses were radiant and fresh . Their enchanting fragrance filled that cabin. Some leaves sway with winds and get scattered on the floor. As she comes inside, she glances the leaves lying near to her heels. Her sight start fading when she looks toward red roses. Her hands trembled, sweat start dripping from her forehead. Her slender fingers pressed in her forearm for stopping shaking of it. Her sharp nails pierced through the skin, tearing the layer and blood come up on surface. Her body get freeze, teeth start rattling and the eyes which are ready to pour any time. Heart pounding so hard against her ribcage as her pulse pressed outward, jerking the veins within. She touched the flowers with trembling fingers and throw on the floor. Keeping her heel, she crushed them mercilessly. Red color spread all around the shining white marble. Blood runs from her forearm to the palm and falls down on floor turning it more dark red in color.
"Almas" he barged inside the cabin and is taken aback by the blood flowing from her sleeves. "What you had done with yourself," he asked gently holding her arm and then glance at the crushed flowers. "Nothing," she mouthed staring at the red color on the floor. A sudden gruesome memory crosses his mind, shaking him to the core. "Who the hell put red roses in her office," he shouts on the top of his voice making his secretary shudder.

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