The Grey Story

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She is thirsty for blood; She is here to stay. She will dig into the mud, To make them all pay...

Thriller / Drama
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Chapter 1


As I get down from the police car, memories begin to flash in front of my eyes. Memories so fresh, as if it all had occurred yesterday. I walk with these men, all policemen, like I had a done a year ago. I smile to myself as I think that history does repeat itself. I remember the last time I was here it was much quieter with fewer people and fewer policemen. Even I was a different person back then. With paparazzi trying hard to talk to me I smirk to the thought that, I used to be and always will be one of those vultures. I stand at the door feeling more confident than I did the last time. Everything had changed since then; except the door, the hallway, the cops, the whispers and the court. I walk into the hall and look at the jury in the eye and hear myself say once again, “ My name is Alexandra Grey and I plead not guilty…”


Dear readers,

I'm sorry for the short chapter but I couldn't make a more elaborate introductory scene.

Thank you for choosing to read this book. This is my first story!! Please comment to let me know what you think of it. I would love to hear from you. Please keep reading :)

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