The Grey Story

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Chapter 2

8 months ago

Its 9:55pm and I look into the mirror to make sure that I exude power and confidence, surely I do. I smile at my reflection. I’m wearing a black turtleneck tucked into dark grey trousers and a dark grey overcoat. With my hair tied up in a neat bun and black loafers in my feet, I smirk as I think out loud “dressed to kill”. I’m more focused and confident than I ever have been. I walk down the street to the silent alley. I glance at my watch its 10pm. Its time...

A black SUV arrives and stands in front of me and the door is pushed open. I quietly enter the car and take a seat when the guard next to me comes forward to check me when I raise an eyebrow and say, ”do I look like a person you should touch?” He asks me if I'm carrying a cellphone to which I truthfully say no. He simply nods after quickly eye scanning me and gives me a mask to wear. The sole purpose of the mask was to block my vision and it did fulfill its purpose pretty well. After a long journey of what felt like an hour the car finally stops and I’m asked to take off the mask which I do happily. I get down from the car and walk towards the iron gate as the guards approach me.

They let me in as soon as they see who I am. I’m accompanied by the same guard who first approached me. I look around, its all pitch dark, not a well lit property I mark. As we approach the door another guard quickly takes over. I quickly re-affirmed my information that there were no cctv cameras, as the owner believed that they could turn into proof in case of an police invasion, which actually did make sense to me. I follow the guard into a hall lined with sofas, two passages and a staircase. One passage was not guarded at all while the second passage was guarded. I tucked this information into my brain for further use. Walking into the guarded passage, we entered into an aureate study with only one door apart from the door we just entered through. The guard says to me,” Take a seat, boss will be here shortly”. I nod and he turns to leave. As soon as I’m left alone I begin to explore the room. There are long French windows with rose hedges outside but they weren’t guarded. Maybe because this room wasn’t brought much to use especially at this time of the day. The other door lead to a bathroom. I continued to take a look at the bookshelves when suddenly the entry door opened.

I was taken aback but quickly composed myself before anyone could see it. I turn to face the door as Victor Comenetz, the infamous drug lord enters. Locating me after a quick eye scan of the room he waves of the guards and says to me,” My book collection has caught your fancy I see...” I smile my strong smile at him and say ,”It is not the only belonging of yours that has caught my fancy…”

My mind soars back to the memory of how I had first caught this fancy just 6 months ago...

" Sir I have received information that a lot of movement is going on within Victor Comenetz’s network. I think they are preparing for some kind of drug base here in the city. If we dig into this deeper then I’m sure something big is going to come up.” I said to Josh Moore, our chief editor and CFO of the ‘Lookout’ news network. "No! Alexandra, we can’t look into it, that will be too much dirt even for our news network. Also, working on this story will bring big bills and police troubles more than public interest." He quickly disregarded the story as if he was holding fire.

"So what do you need ?" Victor’s voice drags me back and I simply answer with a straight face," You know who I am. You know what I’m looking for. Tell me who did it and in return Daron’s network will be unearthed." He stares at me looking for any signs of fear when he finds none he speaks plainly," You know why it all happened ,don’t you?" I cut him " Just the one name and I’ll QUIETLY walk away." I emphasize quietly. In a calm yet subtly threatening voice he says," You think you can get through this by blackmailing?" I chuckle and raise an eyebrow as I reply," Do I look that stupid to you?" After a short pause I continue seriously, "I’m here to strike a deal Victor... You help me and I will help you. You keep my secret and I will keep yours..." After thinking for a few seconds he nods.

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