The Grey Story

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Chapter 3

“Lexa I need to tell you something...” I looked up to meet Amber’s gaze.

Amber Torres, my best friend and heiress of ‘Torres & co’. Yes, the ‘Torres & co’! Torres & co is one of the most renowned law firms in the country. Amber and I are practically sisters. We met in high school then one thing led to another and when we found out that we shared our passion for crime and justice we just became inseparable. We even took guns training together because of our professional hazards. All these years we would sit and discuss the cases over coffees and personal lives over margaritas. In spite of being super busy we somehow managed to never lose our touch.

“Lexa, hon, I think I might know who and why...” She let the words settle down as I stared at her. I gather myself and finally speak,“It is about what I think it is,right?” She just nods. I take a deep breath and motion her to keep going. She continues,” You remember Victor Comenetz ?" I ans," Yeah the infamous 'drug lord' " She goes on," Few months ago we found out something that they wouldn't like anyone finding out. So maybe..."

"I didn't have anything to do with it" I heard Victor say. He continued," I had to keep a low profile as this was very important and it was crucial to take place in silence. So it was decided that I would just let the hot pursuits cool down while they take care of it." Pause " It was decided that he would take care of it as it would be easier for him and no one would suspect. It was our safest bet." I stare at him intently and then gravely he says,"Elijah Levy".

I study his expression briefly before nodding. "Your co-operation will be remembered." I get up and after we shake hands I quietly ask where the washroom was. After being guided to the washroom in the same corridor I quickly lock it and look around and spot the window. I open the tap and open the window to study the surroundings and quietly jump out in the open. I mentally calculate my route around the building to the other corridor which wasn't guarded at all. I cautiously make my way around to that part of the building. I carefully remove a high density polythene aka strong plastic stick hidden in my bra. It was slim, flat, about the length of my middle finger and can't be detected by metal detector. I begin to remove the beeding holding the glass pane in place. Starting with the corners and then pry open the window pane from the bottom. I gently place the removed glass on the floor and enter through the window. I quietly sneek out of the room to find the kitchen of the house. How do I know? Well, isn't it obvious ? The guards are where the treasure is, in their case it might be their boss and stacks of drug but kitchen, naah. I'm surprised to find that the kitchen was empty. Stepping in I quickly get down to business. I remove a sachet bag attached inside my pants and empty its contents evenly into all the liquids that I could find which were milk, liquor, juice, coffee and some kind of broth. Once satisfied I hurried my way back through the window, temporarily setting the pane on it's place and entered the washroom. I turned off the tap and exited. I follow the guard into the main hall. I smile firmly and say to Victor, " I think I would like to have that cup of coffee if you join me." He nods towards the guard when I interrupt," I would rather have a cup of tea actually" Victor smiles back at me and asks the guard to get a cup of coffee for him and tea for 'the lady'. After few minutes another man with a trolley enters and places a cup of coffee in front of Victor and a pot hot water, a small tray of assorted tea bags, creamers and a cup and saucer in front of me. I nod in gratitude as a pour myself some hot water and place a ginger green tea bag in my cup. I glance at Victor through the corner of my eye and am satisfied to see him sip through his coffee. Once he is at the end of his coffee I get up, greet him and follow the guard towards the exit.

As I'm driven back home I wonder if the powdered stone seeds have worked. The powder that I had added to all the liquids in thr house was none other than crushed apple seeds. As simple as it may seem, apple seeds when crushed produce hydrogen cyanide. So if crushed apple seeds are consumed in large quantities it will not only kill the person but also won't show on the report. Exactly what I want! That was why I had been baking apple pies and making apple jams and syrups the whole week last week. I mentally wink at myself.

An hour later, I'm dropped at the very spot I had been picked up from. I walk back home and lie on the sofa as I wait...

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