Jamais Vu: A Strangely Unfamiliar Novel

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'JAMAIS VU' is the story of a man's inner struggle, a Psychological Thriller based on an idea driven by strange encounters. A young science graduate stuck between career choices, travels to the snowy mountains of Kashmir to find the bona fide, authentic meaning of life. He wanted to take a brake from his cliched life... Where he encounters a lookalike killer and his sub-conscious desire comes to life, guiding him towards his decision. As events unfold, the truth unravels and pulls him into a dangerous game that will leave you wondering, Who’s the villain?

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Readers digest

al, al be that: although

ay: always

beseech: ask for; request

betimes: in good time

betwixt: in the interval

hem: them

ich: I

mo: more

moot: may; must

ne: not; nor

quod: said

tho: though

ycleped: named

1ye: the; thou(plural)

1*the reader’s digest may not contain all the Middle English vocabularies present in this prose.

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