CORONA "Make The World Look Back "

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Chapter: 4 Quarantine 13

It was a Monday, I remember. Our honorable prime minister Narendra Modi announced lockdown for the next 3 weeks. there was a meatal state of confusion in everyone’s minds. Our whole country closed down .no shops markets, silences everywhere. By this time the COVID -19 toll touched 12 .and then the whole country went to a lockdown.

Schools closed down, exams shut suddenly, all companies closed, it was like a snap done by Thanos.

The whole world went into a disaster, good old days were gone, the last of happiness had fallen out of everyone’s minds. All the people busy with their own tasks in everyday life came to a halt. But we “humans find happiness in every sorrow:” we, started making quarantine fun, many people who have had the talent, but couldn’t show it to the world started snapping out of it and went on showcasing their talent to the world. But the world went bonkers with the virus,” who could save us from that?”

All strapped in their own homes left with nothing to do, all schools, parks, movie theaters, every single form of outdoor entertainment was shut down.

While taking all the cons, since the arrival of the COVID-19, some pros are there un-noticed by many in this world. the environment was as new as it could be, fresh air was to felt, with every new breeze, a new form of liveness was felt, the world did a self -restoration .birds started coming from the forest to the cities, which once surrounded with traffic and crowded with people, now we sit inside while they gain our territories.

The 21-day passed by; the no of cases almost doubled “where has the effect of the quarantine gone?” some questions didn’t have the answers, and no one to reply them.

“EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE IS A SECOND CHANCE” as being said, the corona outbreak couldn’t be controlled within twenty -one day so lockdown so, a second quarantine was called through India. And we started making use of our second chance, the government strengthened policies and we had to make sure that everybody stays home.

Dear reader do you think that all this is happening because of the mistakes that we somehow did in the past unknowingly, “well I do! “, we have polluted our mother in many ways, our nature only did was to “GIVE”, but the thing that we did was to “TAKE MORE”.Mans hunt for more power had to stop, he wants everything, he takes everything, he is the mightiest,” BUT COULD HE WIN AGAINST THIS VIRUS? ”

Well, I think this is the end of man’s violence, this proves that the world can still run without him. If all the ants in this world go extinct, the world dies, but if the whole humane race disappears the world will run. This proves that man could be Tampered with literally anything…….

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