CORONA "Make The World Look Back "

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A Saviour

Chapter :5 A Savior 15

45 days into the outbreak

Millions had to suffer, the virus which started from one man, now ruled the world. Everything it touches, perishes. All hopes dead, forgotten, then as we say “Even in the darkest places a small light exists” meant true, it came as a messiah, a savior “hydroxychloroquine” A “MRIT SANJEEVANI” from the land of customs and traditions [India] which meant relief for some time.

The virus had no intention of leaving, “what shall happen of my future?” this thought of a 16-year-old boy was unanswerable at the moment.

The virus spreader faster. towns closed, even after taking precautions, the daily death toll was rising, the situation seemed like “we, in the world and corona on our top!”. But we humans have the capability to adapt to our surroundings and defeat any enemy that we face. We had to win against this pandemic ….

“It is often those people, who gave their lives, to save another’s” Our Doctors, nurses, hospital staff, polices, these are one of the jobs in which the person handling it has to work relentlessly. They are actually the true form of gods, our savior. as they say “a good doctor is one, who you may run to, and cannot find’, In such a condition these “HEROS” are leaving their family, their home, their comfort and most importantly their “life” on the brink to save ours.

A doctor means working under pressure, doing night shifts, and still finding quality time to spend with their they are the forms of god {except some} that we could see with our naked eyes.

The word “MASK” is now running quite popular among people, it’s a tool that is used to cover our face preventing the entry of various bacteria and microorganisms. But nowadays it is available in different colors, in different fashions, ranging from thousand rupees to as small as 5 rupees. This is how we humans find happiness, even in the most horrible situations.

Since the arrival of the corona, the most used fluid after drinking water is “Hand -sanitizers “, this is one of the most sold and selling products of the time, these industries have shouted up the have set induvial production plant for the production of these items.

Normal humans couldn’t be seen on the streets, all were wrapped in with various safety measures to protect them from this pandemic. even in hospitals, doctors have “PPE KITS” That they have to wear. Imagine where our civilization had brought us, we started off with no clothes, and now fully strapped with clothes.

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