CORONA "Make The World Look Back "

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Life's Changed

Chapter:6 Life’s Changed 17

A change smelled everywhere; it had now become a part of life. The new internet revolution taking place and the only people which is left unturned in the society are now “students”. What about their studies no one cares, how they shall complete their portions, no one notices? Students like me preparing for entrance exams are in quite a dizzy state.

That when all the “online classes’ came into play. luckily my school and coaching center started classes a lot earlier, and thanks to them I am able to complete in my 12th portions.

But the major problems of this new online educational revolution are that in the case of India with a dense population of about ’1.2 billion” of which “37.4 million “are students alone, out of this rarely 60 percent of them have access to computer, TV, and mobiles. So, what about others? …..

With a student population of about 40 crores in “India 2020”, how many students stand a chance to revive online education. Even if they get access to It, how many will be willing to study? Many of the weak students will face a problem as they do not have direct access to their teachers.

Take another fact, India is one of the three-country in which the most malnourished children live. Each year an estimated amount of around 26 million are born and nearly 2 million are not able to celebrate their fifth birthdays. So, in a situation like now the numbers are likely to rise.

Everything becomes online nowadays. from food to cars, everything we need comes to our doorstep and these are delivered by small scale workers, who have lost they’re to corona, many rickshaw drivers whose daily income differs accordingly, what about them?

Many small-scale industry workers, daily wage laborers, miners, rag-pickers all have lost the battle; with corona. The had to surrender, they had to give up their jobs .and through India “millions”.

Actually this disease made mankind relies on that he has no value as if he thinks, he is a like a mere, latent flower which falls down as time passes .we are nothing but dust. Man has been strong, brutal, but in combat with nature, he always loses, because he is bound to lose

This new era is not similar to any other, my thoughts are unclear about the future. what lies ahead of us, the only God knows. the thing we do is to pray for forgiveness.

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