CORONA "Make The World Look Back "

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Life Emerges

Chapter:7 Life Emerges 19

3 months into Quarantine

Everything had now cooled down a little bit, lockdown restrictions are one – by – one being removed, whereas no of patients per day is rising. Professions like banks, which even went thought lockdown started opening with high precaution, vehicles started appearing on the street. Life felt normal once more, except a big crisis was still going on and the most irritating part of getting out for shopping essentials is the mask that we put. It makes many of the people super uncomfortable, but as you have no choice to opt comfort over pain .this must go on.

In every single second, millions of thoughts hover through one’s mind, and from that, there is a hundred percent probability, that one of the thoughts may be of “COVID -19”. Right now, millions are in hospitals, thousands over home quarantine, lakhs suffering from disease, and a few hundred recovering.

“Our life is like a river, there are many curves on the path to its final destination “so I like to see this whole pandemic as a curve in my path and you, my dearest reader should also.

People are now very rarely seen on roads. what once used to be the crowded street, now lies unhabituated. The park that once used to be a place of spending quality time with your family now is a graveyard of sorrow, unvisited.

The temperature of the earth had been seen to cool down, global warming decreased. The breeze started feeling fresher as it brings a new life with it. Our Earth had never been so clean, so in terms, was this corona a thing that had to intend to happen from collapsing our entire civilization and our Earth with it, or was it a to destroy mankind. The question remains unanswered.

Everything shifted us to completely rely on computers. The online meeting became the new trend. A sea of online educators started to empty out on to the shore after the arrival of the virus. A new world was forming without the outer world being known.

The no of google users almost doubled since the arrival of the corona. As people were ideally sitting at home, they surfed the internet, watched videos on YouTube, the online market in terms of flourished with customers.

I India there was approximately 525.3 million internet users in 2019 and with a time span of 6 months, it rapidly increases to 564.5 million users. So basically, there are a lot of people who are benefited as well as had their life destroyed by this virus.

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