CORONA "Make The World Look Back "

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School Reopens

Chapter:8 School Reopens 21

The coronavirus pandemic had forced schools and colleges across India to temporarily shut down, and this moves mad a big gap in the life of students as well as in the Indian education system despite the government providing support for e-learning as well as, providing online education from the comfort of Home.

Now despite this intense situation taking over this world some of the schools across our country are now started providing online classes. as the students can continue their studies from their home and they are using some of the platforms that scooted up widely in this lockdown time and the top application used was found to be “zoom”.

Nowadays “zoom”, “google classroom,”, “google meets” and last but famous ’WhatsApp”. These are some of the famous apps, through which online education, webinars are now taking place. Especially the “zoom” app has 300 times users since the outbreak of the had 10 million users in December and from there within 4 months, currently, it is the largest online platform with 300 million users.

So, “corona” has provided the world with wide benefits thought the internet, in terms have said to benefit all the big companies with huge profits. And increased online global marketing sites usage to more than 20 percent. Which is an Explicit amount of progress? It’s very pleasant that, millions are being engaged in online multimedia, which helps to lead our society to further progress.

Schools have started online classes, through various methods, which in terms has its own pros and cons. speaking on pros, it helps the students keep track of their studies, as wells as promoting them to keep learning, no matter what the situation may Be. AND the cons are what matters toa student.

Speaking of me, I am a 12 th grade student, and those are the most affected. It’s quite sad that It is the last year of my school life, and I miss my teachers a, my friends, and the studious atmosphere of the school life, but I being said before if to choose between life and death, we have no choice but too apt to the surroundings.

The school has opened, the medium of interaction between the student and the teacher is different, the enthusiasm that we had in studying exist no more. The feeling is more intense than ever, but we have to study, and apt to the surrounding until we discover a vaccine for the virus.

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