CORONA "Make The World Look Back "

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The Good Old days

Chapter:9 The Good Old days 23

A new thought emerged, “those day’s”. Those days when we went out in the open fearless, those days when we went out in the park spending quality time with our family. Which are now no more,” “those good old days” a popular cliché, used to refer a time that we considered to be better in every single thing. Those good times we spent; those good memories are now just some pictures on some album in our mind.

Everyone’s mind filled with “NOSTALGIC “thoughts, feels homesick staying home. well, it is an uncomfortable condition indeed. Man can do nothing buy yearn for the log gone moment of their life

This state that we are passing through is not permeant, in fact, nothing in this world is, everything perishes. No matter how big they may be, always remember that there is always s something smaller than you we could knock you down.

“TIME” is our enemy that most of us didn’t accept until they find out that all they acquired had perished. Many great writers had said about time. but let your humble servant say, that time is something like this “you could save a man who is dying without proper medication, but you cannot save a man who is already dead.”

Those days in which I woke up at 5 am in the morning preparing for my entrance exams with high enthusiasm, but now these online classes can never give the real classroom feel, so there’s nostalgia is that thought kept me wondering………

Every single media in this world talking about the same thing, “the word corona” is at the tip of every young. millions had to surrender in front of this virus, while we all keep fighting, hoping we someday we may win.

These days are gloomy are never going to be over “I thought “, but we may never know what the future, but we Have to Just keep waiting…

Days are bad

With morning sad

Waiting for days to come

With horror in all of them


What do you think after, reading this much, Note it down here?

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