CORONA "Make The World Look Back "

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A new Beginning

Chapter:11 A New Beginning 26

A new thought, For a new world. We have to forget about our old world. The old world has had its end in front of our own eyes. Just like a new plant we, had to build a new civilization for the new world, the coronavirus, swept the world away, cleansed the air, saved our earth, destroyed our minds. A total apocalypse had occurred over the world.

All big trees are grown from a small seed. That’s why it said, “the smallest change makes the biggest revolutions”. When God gave us this world, it was in its most perfect form. from when our human race has started, the world's destruction had started.

The entire world has been destroyed with one single virus, now what you are gonna read is about my thoughts on the new world, what we should do to prevent happening of such a bigger disaster “in the world after corona “.

The steps to build a new conserver able world, hence discussed:

Corona week: Now this was my biggest idea after the arrival of the pandemic. As I have said before, the entire world self-regenerated in this lockdown. the rods which polluted nature now lay without any traffic or pollution from cars. birds that remain in the forest came to the open world, as there as nothing stopping them. So, after recovering from this pandemic, every year, we should conduct, one-week “corona lockdown” through the world .to let the birds and the animals to gain their habitat grow back, to replenish the air, cleansing our surroundings and many more……………...

We, humans, have been making numerous efforts to conserve nature, but what we haven’t been relishing is that the god made the world so to replenish itself and corona is the biggest example, that I can give. The world’s overpopulation decreased, the air become fresh, ozone layer depletion stopped., in fact, the world self-regenerated within a short amount of time, only due to the non-disturbance of humans.

Shutting down the world for a short amount of time is the solution for all of our problems, following it makes sure that these problems may not occur in the future.

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