CORONA "Make The World Look Back "

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The Epicenter

Chapter: 12 The Epicenter 28

Wuhan -the city of Emergence of the deadly “corona” virus and which ultimately lead to the world's fate. But there are some other things this country is famous for its population overall the country.

Wuhan is the most populous country in china with overall a population of about 11 million. And it is also one city, of the nine “NATIONAL CENTRAL CITES” of china. And this city is also known for its wonderful surroundings and the cites marvelous architecture.

Now, this city has become the most popular city in the world because of the deadly “coronavirus “outbreak which had started somewhere near the month of August, according to media sources.

The coronavirus had hit the most populated city in the entire country. And invaded millions of families and swept away the dreams and hopes of millions.

However, the irony in the story seems that the place from where it all started now lies unaffected by this virus. The city had now almost recovered from the effects of the corona, and schools have opened, factories began production, life became normal, the death rate decreased, people's fear reduced, even though another outbreak was expected at any moment.

The lasts of the patient were relived from the hospitals, But the Fact to remember is that this all fuss has started from one person, a single person, and now had affected millions of people. this disease had taken over the whole world. we were bound to stay home………………………

The city of Wuhan has a golden crown to wear, they had ended what they had started but all the world was still down. With all hopes on doctors, nurses, and god. No one knows what shall happen in the future, but gods make their own will, we will survive …………………………….

NOW that we know big cites doesn’t matter no matter how strong you are, you will be defeated, and always by one who you shall not deem worthy of …

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