CORONA "Make The World Look Back "

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Act Of God

Chapter: 14 Act Of god 32

God acts in many ways. In some Way as a Thought, in some away as an idea, to solve a problem. In some ways through a person. just like that, with the arrival of coronavirus, there are some people, who have the place of good in our minds. They are nothing but our doctors, nurses, hospital staff, polices, rickshaw drivers, all social workers doing their deed for our society.

Some people are not recognized in our society, they are treated as zombies, our doctors. They are been given the least value In their society because of their work. This is because the normal people didn’t know what a doctor in the corona what has to go through.

1.they have to stay away from their families, have to stay in self-isolation until this condition ends. As they are Daily interacting with the “CORONA” affected patients, due to which most of the doctors have given up going homes and have shifted to “TEMPORARY” accommodations, where they go to take rest after completing their duty hours, which could stretch to 15 or even 18 hours in a day.

2.All the clothing – doctors are the peoples, who daily interact with the people affect by the virus, they have to wear specialized “PPE KITS”, to save them from the disease. They have to wear specialized Mask and have to sanitize themselves, Every 20 minutes.

The police inspectors, who are working hard for the betterment as well as the development of the society in this pandemic situation.

They are putting their lives at greater risk of protecting them from the virus, as well as maintaining law enforcement throughout the country. We have to admit the fact that they also have families, children. who can’t see their parents in their home during these highly epidemic conditions?

So, we all give them a big salute!

Also, a big respect to all the supporting staff in hospitals, and also the rickshaw drivers, they do require aa special applause for their commitment toward society.

Even in such a situation, it is the courage that we have to accept, the astounding, and sprite full courage!

Mind with Fear

We are your creature’s dear

Hope awaits in the darkest wells

All Faces drown with swell!

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