CORONA "Make The World Look Back "

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The Endgame

Chapter: 17 The Endgame 36

All must have seen the movie, a “avengers’ endgame”, even when they thought that all hope was gone forgotten, In the last they saw away, many had to lose their life but all end well is the biggest motivation that you could get.

With corona being o, the world here are some things a that you could do sitting at home:

1.write books – just like I do, it’s a very fun way of expressing your thoughts to society.

2.YouTube- it’s a great way of expressing your talent, create a channel, and build your dreams through it….

3.BodyBuilding-If you are a person who thinks that you are out of shape, it the best time to get it back.

4. Write Poetry- Express your wonderful thoughts!

5.Learn a foreign language

6. Make a homemade mask, and wait for the money to roll in., {sell them at cheap rates} with {good quality}

7. Learn calligraphy. YouTube can help.

8. Use Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts or Marco Polo to video chat with your long-distance friends.

9. Knit or crochet.

10.write blogs

11.revise you school topics.

12. Get a better sleep

13. Break gunnies world record. {NOT JOKING}

14.make a website


16.make a YouTube movie channel


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