CORONA "Make The World Look Back "

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Acknowledgments 5

Prologue ………………… 6

Chapter:1 -The story begins 7

Chapter:2 -The awakening 9

Chapter :3 -The viral outbreak 11

Chapter:4 -Quarantine 13

Chapter:5 -A Savior 15

Chapter:6 -Life’s Changed 17

Chapter:7 -Life Emerges 19

Chapter:8 -School Reopens 21

Chapter:9 -The Good Old days 23

Chapter:10 -Hope Never Dies 25

Chapter:11 -A New Beginning 26

Chapter:12 -The Epicenter 28

Chapter:13 -The Isolators 30

Chapter:14 - Act Of god 32

Chapter:15 - A Slight Belief 34

Chapter:16- A Good Day 35

Chapter:17- The Endgame 36

Chapter:18- hope will prevail 37

End Credits 38

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