CORONA "Make The World Look Back "

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Acknowledgments 5

“Well, to say this book is the fate of the world. Once which was a dream, had now flourished through my words in this book. There are people In this world, some powerful, some poor, some filled with pride. Whatever the person may be, the thinks himself as a jack of all trades,” master of his trades”, but he is bound to forget that, there is always someone better than him”

With being said:

In my book, I would like to thank all of them how have to help me, and in particular:

My mother- the biggest inspiration of my life, helped me motivate, who infect gave me the basic idea to write this book. If she hadn’t encouraged me all the way, I would have stopped doing this a long time ago.

My Father -the biggest storyteller I have seen in my life, only through his guidance, I was able to complete it he stayed with me through this entire process, helped me get new creative ideas, and I thank them all of my family members, who supported me.

And finally, MS word, who have helped me a lot in grammar and spell checks, without this my dream would only exist in mind. Thank you, Mr. Bill Gates and Team Microsoft crop, for helping me.

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