CORONA "Make The World Look Back "

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The story Begins

Chapter:1 -The story begins 7

January 30 -2020

This date is imprinted in the minds of millions of Indians. Although this was the date that coronavirus came to India. I still remember that day when I watched tv for that whole day, surfing through the internet to know more about the cause.

Now for all you are asking why am I writing this book, well “this book explains how a child reacts to the changes taking place around him through this small book in the collocal language.

Wuhan, a famous place in China, we all know this city for the novel COVID virus, but actually It is the capital city of Hubei Province in the “PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA “. And the fun part is that the name WUHAN came from the historical origin from the conglomeration of Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang which in terms are collectively known as the “three towns of Wuhan”.

But as they say “things could go south”, a disease came from the unknown, which washed away what mankind had ever dreamt of and priced more than anyone could offer “ Man’s life”, the most priced thing, that if we were to pay for, then no money could be deemed worthy of.

A name emerged out among the people which went trending amongst billions, this name was known by the most powerful man even to a small child. this name stroked a fear from reluctance in the minds of all those who heard of it, Namely the “novel -coronavirus”. This name brought down people who thought them to be the mightiest to ever be existed, the huge irony is that this virus measured in “actograms” {a small unit used for measuring atom size} took over the whole world, and went out to be the most powerful thing in the world.

We all know about the modern weapons we have, most of them could straightly knock you out in seconds and also saying about Nukes which could destroy biggest of the biggest cites in minutes. this small virus only measured in milligrams had the power to take on the entire world. That’s why it is said that ’it is often the smallest things that make biggest changes” and a change had been made, the world has changed a lot in these 3 months as then in past 300 years. The people who have had the thirst of power, it has been quenched. The people who thought themselves dictators are now mere dust.

So, in my opinion, was this, corona a change that should be processed through the world as an apocalypse or was it the fate of the world dying slowly in front of our eyes, nothing was clear, the dust has not settled, where will this end………………………………………………

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