CORONA "Make The World Look Back "

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The awakening

Chapter:2 The awakening 9

Life has changed, lifestyle has changed, belief has changed, customs have changed. In fact, a change was present in every breath of air. I have heard my elders say “change is a part of life “but this change was too drastic. we couldn’t still accept it that a revolution of the world was taking place under the hood. Unknowingly, unwantedly.

Everyone seeks a hero, to save from all trouble of life and make living easier and happier. As we say the” merrier, the better”, we made our lives merrier and unknowingly a vulnerable change was passing beneath us, we did feel the change in Earthquakes, tsunamis, global warming, in fact, the whole Earth has gone bonkers. Nothing seemed right, the was trouble everywhere. NOW YOU MAY THINK, WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT IF YOU GOT IT RIGHT, ITS NONE OTHER THAN ON HOW, CORONA, SAVED OUR EARTH. Before you call me mad for expressing this thought let me say something to you, my dear readers.

After the arrival of the coronavirus, the theft rates reduced drastically from a higher rate to a mere countable rate. the ozone layer problem had been solved, in a word it repaired itself. Think about it more than” 2 LAKH SQ KILOMETERTHE DEFECTS IN THE OZONE LAYER HAD SELF REPAIRED “We humans have tried our best to prevent the ozone layer from further depletion, by taking numerous efforts and, now without any efforts itself repaired.

Millions of hectares of degraded forest land, have started developing, The people who were busy on their own affairs, started sharing quality time with their family, “The people who had remained hidden in the society with their skills hidden, have now started expressing their feeling and expressions through various social media platforms like YouTube, etc.”

I accept that millions of peoples have lost their life to this virus, But I cannot decide between the pros and mostly cons of this virus.

The world in terms has repaired this is a new era and we are not ready to face what lies before us. But we mankind has the special ability to adapt ourselves to the particular much wildlife has developed as we are not disturbing them, they are gaining their places back in nature. I have seen to notice that more birds are now to be seen, than earlier, so in fact what is this ’change “that is happening around us.

I can’t decide between the pros and cons of this virus outbreak which started from a “ONE -MAN” And took on the entire world spreading from millions per second, this was the thought of a 16 Year child, “What about school? “,” Will it open! “, And many more questions like this to be answered…….

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