CORONA "Make The World Look Back "

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The Viral outbreak

Chapter :3 The viral outbreak 11

Everything’s changed, what used to be sometime called happiness was now nowhere to be felt. The air was filled with horror thoughts and minds of people were gloomy, all were wandering in their dream world until “corona” came, until now, 30 days into the outbreak of the virus ,million had lost their lives to this vulnerable disease, people were horrified, “what could be done ? ” . the question still remains.

The virus said to have a started from a” seafood wholesale market in Wuhan” with a zoonotic origin, had now spread through the entire world. This pandemic left million jobless, sleepless and lifeless.

30 January 2020 -the director-general of the world health organization, declared the viral outbreak of COVID -19 and said to be a public health emergency of international concern.

“KERALA, OUR GODS ON COUNTRY”, A land of beautiful lakes, sitting on the southwestern Malabar cost of India, known for its ethnic beauty of the beaches and backwaters, connecting thousands of canals, the land of finest sea food in the traditional way. it is the state known for the origin of Kalarippayattu [an ancient martial -arts form} know to be the 1st and the oldest form of martial arts.

Now Kerala was first in one more thing, it’s none other than COVID -19, the first case of corona virus in India was confirmed in Kerala in {January 30 the], the first confirmed case of coronavirus was confirmed in Kerala. As the patient was a female student from “WUHAN UNIVERSITY” and, this alone lead to reports of different suspects and within hours of the outbreak ,806 people were under observation alone in Kerala.

I was in school that time and to be frank I just graduated to the 12 th grade at that time, and was felling very happy about this year, filled with new dreams, new thoughts, new ideas, but it was no sooner that everything came to a halt.

All the media channels in India had one thing to talk about “corona”, this word was in the mind’s every single person in this whole god forgotten place, I thought.

Man’s desire to everything in this world is quite high, but this small virus had the power to make those desires costless,” this thought was in the mind of your humble narrator”, every day millions of cases are being confirmed now “, will we ever snap out of it? “, what lies ahead of us is unclear, all our paths are darken out,

“with no vaccine, with no cure, what will we do to endure”

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