The Mystery of Sutton Hill

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Do you ever feel like you are being watched ... - Aurora, a 17 year old senior at a high school in literally nowhere was never someone who liked being the center of attention. She always kept to herself and was classified as an outsider by her fellow classmates. But everything changed once her teacher decided to do a group project and she, of all the people was assigned to work with the popular kids, including the infamous Grayson, who thought it would be a great idea to choose Sutton Hill as the main topic of the assignment. Nobody ever dared to go near this place, because of the stories and legends of the alleged haunted mansion on top of the hill. As the group continues their research they become part of something much bigger and darker than they ever anticipated. What started as a group project turns out to be the most dangerous and thrilling journey of their lives.

Thriller / Mystery
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Blood dripped down the knife, that hung loosely in his calloused hand. It slowly made its way down his knuckles over his fingers and finally began dripping onto the wooden floor, resembling a clock counting the minutes that we had left to live.

"What did you do?!" I whispered in shock. My vision blurred by the tears that ran down my cheeks.

His dark eyes met mine and at this moment I realized that this person in front of me is someone completely different than the boy that I had gotten to know over this rather short period of time.

The outer appearance is the same, but behind this facade is no feeling, no human emotion.

I didn't recognize him anymore, his eyes looked like two dark abysses, clouded over by such an unfamiliar look of anger, like an animal that hasn't eaten in a while and is ready to find it's next victim.

My focus shifted to the body laying on the ground, limbs dislocated and eyes staring at me like a last warning of the imminent danger.

But suddenly something changed.

He slowly released the knife that was still in his hand and it clattered to the ground, nearly disappearing into the growing puddle of blood, which crept along the floor like a snake on the way to its prey.

"No, no, no, no, what the hell ?" Mumbling under his breath, he tried to grasp the situation in front of him.

His eyes found mine and not one sign reminded of the monster that stood in front of me not one minute ago.

"What happened?" He asked completely shocked.

"You seriously don't remember ?"

In the distance, a sudden noise could be heard, making both of us jump and indicating that the crime scene in front of me was not the only cause of distress in this never ending nightmare.

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