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17 year old Jennifer Preston did not know that she will have to encounter with the diary of Maura Murray who had been brutally murdered on the eve of New Year. What will Jennifer do? How she's gonna make up her year at KINGSMAN HIGH? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 18 year old Zach Matthews is very rich. Smart,sassy, Handsome, hot, popular( especially among girls ), school's stereotypical badass and much more. Just like other rich fellas he finds life boring because he gets everything he wished, but a dreadful curse from fate turned his life miserable. While Jennifer and Zach are hunting down for secrets along with their best friends they find themselves developing strong feelings for each other? What's gonna happen next? Read the story to know more..

Thriller / Romance
Age Rating:

The beginning

The wind howled through the darkness of the starless night. The unnaturally darker clouds covered the moon, making its silver rays to barely peek through the clouds.

The roads seemed eerily quiet but only Jenny seemed to enjoy this atmosphere as she drove in her Audi to destined fate. She checked her BlackBerry to find it was quarter past eight p.m. She pushed down on the accelerator a little more when the speed shot through the vehicle and so did the nervousness inside Jenny.

She drove for another five minutes and slowed down when she saw the faint lights from the windows of those high blocks of buildings.

Jenny passed the main gate and parked her car in the space allotted for her. Then she grabbed her keys and bags in one swift motion and slid outside the car closing the door shut.


She sighed heavily and muttered.

"This better be a good beginning."


Hey guys! I'm Maddy and Diary of the Dead is my first book on inkitt. I wrote this book already in wattpad and re-writing in inkitt for inkitt readers.

If you are a lover of teen-thriller fictional books then this book will keep you on the edge of your seats.

This is more like a filler than a chapter. The next chapter will be longer than this.



And Comment to let me know what you think.

With lots of love,

- Maddy

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